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London Grace Nail Bar

Ever thought “Oooh I’d love to be sitting next to my best friend and sipping some bubbles/coffee“, whilst having your nails done? I do all the time, which is why London Grace is a favourite find of The Glam Mummy!

As a mum, my nails do hard labour… Washing bottles, opening Tupperware, scratching under the sofa for My Little Pony, doing up 100 impossibly small buttons on a cardigan. Which is why getting my nails done regularly is necessary glam maintenance.

My husband will tell you that I am OCD with my nails and back before the days of Shellac I would paint them at least every second day. I small chip would have me running for the nail polish remover and a bottle of Essie Mademoiselle. I even kept an emergency nail kit in my drawer at work.

London Grace Nail Bar


London Grace Nail Bar London Grace Nail Bar London Grace Nail Bar London Grace Nail Bar

London Grace nail bar brings together top class nail treatments, a coffee bar and a wine/fizz bar. It is more than just a nail salon, it is a social destination for ladies (and men) where you can unwind whilst getting your nails done. There is a fully stocked bar, awesome nibbles and a coffee barista on site.

What’s more, it is open late so you can book a table for you and your friends after work or once the kids are down. They also host hen parties and baby showers… I would have absolutely LOVED to have my baby shower here. Perhaps I should have a 3rd baby…

Founder, Kirsten Hazell, says she has pursued her dream of opening a New York-inspired nail bar.

When I lived in New York I used to go for manicures and pedicures all the time – it was affordable and sociable. However, since moving to London and working long hours I found that the salons were all closed by the time I got home. I wanted to create a nail bar with quality products, convenient hours and speedy treatments.”

Check out and book at the London Grace online.



*My sister-in-law and I were treated to a dry pedicure. Opinions are my own.


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