Letter found: Dear Daddy, I will miss you…

Love letter

I have only just arrived back from a long weekend in Portugal and flicking though my photos I was reminded of a little treasure I found on the flight out to our holiday destination.

Wedged between my husband’s seat and mine was a little paper note that had obviously been mistakenly left behind by some other traveller on his way to somewhere unknown.

The note is covered in little kisses which made me stop and take a look at what would normally have been tossed on the floor or scrunched into the seat pocket in front of me.

It is a love letter from some little girl to her daddy. A note to say ‘I love you’ and ‘hurry home’. A little keepsake for him to store in his pocket to remind him of the love that waits for him. A few simple words that mean the world to a parent.

It reminds me of why I love my husband and the note I wrote to him ‘To a Fabulous Father‘. I know one day too our little Bug will be writing love notes to him when he travels away from home on business trips.

I was tempted to take the note away with me because, even though it was not mine, it held so much meaning and made me smile. But I folded it up again and placed it back where I found it. It wasn’t mine to keep and belongs to Brogan and her daddy.

Though he will never see his love letter again, I hope it makes another traveller smile like I did.


xxx TGM xxx


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