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Joolz bumper bar

The pram that brought you the glam has now taken it up a notch. Joolz has recently launched a personalised Joolz bumper bar service whereby you can upgrade your Joolz Day pram with a bumper that is as unique as you.

This luxury Dutch pram company is all about positive design. With each pram designed around the mum and the baby, they are always seeking ways to be innovative and forward-looking in this the pretty saturated pram/stroller market. I could spend hours talking you through all the nifty little things they have added to their prams that make a mum’s life easier. In fact, as a proud owner of a Joolz Day Tailor myself, I shared 6 Reasons To Love This Stylish Pram not too long ago.

At their recent press day, where they launched their new Joolz Geo (Very excited! More on that soon!), they also shared their new unique Joolz bumper bar service. You can choose from 19 colours and add text or numbers (up to 15 characters). So you could have your baby’s birthdate or their name/ nickname. Or even something inspiring.

Joolz bumper bar

Joolz bumper bar Joolz bumper bar Joolz bumper bar

Whether you own a Joolz Day already or are ordering one for the first time, all you have to do is go online and create your very own unique Joolz bumper bar. I had a play around with the various colours and cannot wait for my very own personalised Joolz bumper bar to arrive.

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