Joolz Day Tailor | 6 reasons to love this stylish pram

 Joolz Day Tailor review

Joolz Day TailorOver the past few weeks I have been trying out the Joolz Day Tailor and am really impressed. I first tested out this stylish pram when I visited the Joolz HQ in Amsterdam and could not wait to get my hands on one. The one I chose arrived just in time for the new addition to our family (due in 8 weeks!).

Here are 6 reasons I love the Joolz Day Tailor:

1. Joolz Day Tailor is completely customisable

Joolz Day TailorYou can choose from 3 fabrics, 2 wheels and 20 accents! I chose the grey fabric, black wheels and brown quilted accent (colour: liver). I wanted something understated and elegant although I was tempted to choose a pop of colour. I did not know what sex my baby was at the time of ordering my Joolz Day Tailor and decided to play it a bit safe but I am completely satisfied with my choice and have watched heads turn as we strut along the street.

2. Joolz Day is all about the details

Joolz Day Tailor

Fine details such as the stitching on this pram makes it stand out

The secret pocket at the back

The secret pocket at the back

From the quilted accents on the handle bars which reminds me of a fine italian leather handbag to the stitching throughout the product, this pram has been really well made. There is also clever pocket at the back of the seat which you can slip some cash, your phone and keys into  – good luck pickpockets!

3. Joolz Day has a very clever shopping basket

Shopping basket beneath to hold the necessities

Shopping basket beneath to hold the necessities

You will find a little compartment below the seat which can hold some of your shopping or essentials. The shopping basket fastens itself and is out of the way of the foot break. Should you need more space, the basket can be kept open as the flap is reinforced and sturdy enough to hold extra shopping.

4. Joolz has a cup holder swivels and some other neat accessories

Joolz Day Tailor

I can’t tell you how many times in the past I have ended up with more coffee dripping down the side of the pram. Well, the Joolz cup holder swivels so it moves with the pram and coffee stays in the cup.

Joolz also has a shopping bag attachment that fits behind the seat and enables you to do a decent food shop. I ordered the footboard so that Bug can travel to school on that once the new baby arrives and we swap the seat to the bassinet.

5. Joolz Day doubles as a high chair

Joolz Day Tailor

Joolz Day Tailor

Gone are the days when I would attempt to shove my pram between tables in a restaurant whilst Bug sat in a high chair. The Joolz is the height and design allows the pram can be pushed right up to the table and double up as a high chair. What’s more, the bumper bar can be easily opened (with one hand!) so that the child can reach the table.

6. Joolz is good for the earth

Joolz birth forest

All of the packaging is reusable which means every box can be turned into a toy for kids. Genius! Also, once you have purchased your Joolz Day pushchair you can register the birth of your child. Joolz will plant a tree in the Joolz Birth Forest for each child to help fight deforestation and climate change.

There you have it from a mum’s perspective. Stay tuned to see what dads think of Joolz Day Tailor.

Check out the Joolz website to find out more about the Joolz Day Tailor and stockists closest to you.

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2 thoughts on “Joolz Day Tailor | 6 reasons to love this stylish pram

  1. tima (fullafizzy)

    just discovered your blog, and i’m not much of a commenter, but this pram is amazing!
    very glam 😉 multi-functional AND green. I can’t believe it. I will deffo come back to this post when i become a mum, thanks glammum

    1. Emma Post author

      Yes, the pram is amazing! I am really happy with it and people often comment on how glam it is. Thanks for the comment!


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