Jo Loves | New Candle Shot Studio By Jo Malone


Jo Malone, the creative powerhouse behind Jo Loves, has launched the world’s first Candle Shot Studio. Now you can be part of the creative process and create your own bespoke Jo Loves Shot Candle.

I love Jo Malone, not only is she an artist with fragrances but she is also a self-made woman for whom I have endless respect. I met her last year at an event at her Jo Loves store (she even gave me a hand massage!!!) and have been following her Jo Loves innovations closely,

The Jo Loves Shot Candle is great as a gift with a personal touch. I often will agonise over birthdays of those near and dear to me to ensure that I give something meaningful and this is a gift that even my eldest daughter can get involved in choosing. In three simple steps you can create your own bespoke fragranced candle.

Step 1

Select a base for your Shot Candle:



Step 2

Select a Shot:

Jo_Loves_Candle_Shot_StudioJo_Loves_Candle_Shot_StudioStep 3

Combine your fragrances. I chose a fig base with a Petitgrain shot, mmmmmm delicious!


The Shot Candle is such an exciting innovation which we create together. This is the first time I have designed a product which invites you to become part of the creative process and make a candle unique to you.” – Jo Malone

They retail for £75 and you can order them the Jo Loves Candle Shot Studio online.



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