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“Muuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm! Daaaaaaaaaaaaad!” Two words that fill you with pride, endless love and a warm, fuzzy feeling. But NOT when your toddler bellows them out at 4am in the morning. Which is why you should try the Gro-Clock as a sleep training aid.

Sleep training a toddler is a pain in the you-know-what and is a topic I am often asked about. A young child will find it hard to settle at bedtime or wake up through the night for a whole host of reasons. We are VERY lucky because Bug, who is nearly three, has always been an excellent sleeper. She actually tells us that she wants to go to bed and I often have to coax her out of bed in the mornings (don’t hate me!). But, we have had a few occasions when she has climbed out of bed and cried her eyes out or shouted for us.

Looking back, the most recent incident was when the hubs and I took a parents only trip to Tuscany. When we returned, her sleep patterns were out of whack and I think it had to do with her being old enough to miss us and to feel a tad insecure about it. Some gentle reassurance and a night-light sorted her out in no time.

But I wish I had known about the Gro-Clock back then because I am pretty sure it would have helped her. Especially now that we have introduced it to her bedtime routine and she loves to watch the sun give her a wink and go to bed each evening.

Gro Clock TGM

How the Gro-Clock works

The Gro-Clock is a sleep training aid that you plug in to the mains and sit the device on your child’s bedside table or somewhere they can see it. Before you introduce it to your child you will need to read the instructions to set it up with the time and your child’s sleep time – the time they go to bed and the time they wake up.

To help introduce the Gro-Clock to your child, there is a bed time book called Sleepy Farm, which talks them through the sun and the stars and when to sleep. Each evening, at a given time, the sun will give a quick wink and fade away and the star will come out and fall asleep indicating it is now sleep time.

Through the night the tiny stars surrounding the big star will fade away, one by one, counting down to morning time. If your child wakes up during the night, they will see that the star is still asleep and they should stay in bed until the sun is up. The first few nights you would need to encourage the child to check the Gro-Clock and reinforce to them that the stars are still out and pretty soon they will be able to do it themselves and go back to sleep.

Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM

Bug is so taken by the Gro-Clock that she has actually figured out how to put the sun to bed herself (can you actually cope!?!). So she will bid the sun “goodnight” when she has her afternoon nap and get him back up again when she rises. This child is something else…

I think parents will find the Gro-Clock especially useful in summer when the real sun sets very late and rises very early. You can buy the Gro-Clock at John Lewis, the Gro Store and other online retailers.



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