Glam Gallery: Temperley Inspiration for Tots

My coveted Temperley scarf

My coveted Temperley scarf

Recently I was gifted my first ever piece from Temperley – a scarf from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I am all about accessorising and would choose shoes/handbags/jewellry/scarves over an outfit any day.

One of my best friends gave it to me as a ‘thank you’. Over the past few weeks, I have been helping her plan her wedding which was moved forward from July to May very last minute. We have been traipsing around London almost daily (with little Bug in tow) – from Kings road to Notting Hill – by foot, taxi, bus and tube. Whew, everything has been go, go, GO!

One of our destinations was Temperley as that is where she ordered her wedding dress (lucky fish!). And hence the fabulous scarf.


Temperley scarves 2013

Temperley scarves 2013

It is a bold, hand-painted print that adds a pop of colour and a touch glam to any outfit. The garment is light weight and very soft as it is a cashmere/modal blend fabric.

Opened up, the scarves are a piece of art and it makes me cringe to casually scrunch it up and toss it round my neck. I feel that I should be waltzing around with my arms stretched out wide (a la Kate Winslet in Titanic) with the scarf billowing behind me so that all can see its gorgeous artwork.

My favourite scarves in the Temperley Spring/Summer 2013 collection showcase corals and cobalts, pinks and turquoise. Such beautiful colours and they are perfect for summer. This got me on a search for kids clothing that have a similar palette and this is what I found.

The Glam Gallery:

Glam Gallery- Pink and blue

One: Striped navy shirt (Next)      Two: Red print shorts with bow (Zara)     Three: Leather embroidered sandal (Zara)     Four: Blue flower dress (Next)     Five: Floral corsage hat (M&S)     Six: Pink shrug (Next)     Seven: Leather plimsoll (Zara)


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