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Five fab things Stationery Week

I am a stationery lover. I could spend hours in the stationery aisle looking at all the arty crafty bits and pieces. I hoard all sorts of stationery, from beautiful leather notebooks with gold leaf embossing to a bag full of rubber bands. I don’t stop to think whether or not I actually need a particular piece of stationery, if I find something that piques my interest I will snap it up in a flash.

This week is Stationery Week and I have had heaps of fun pulling together Five Fabulous Things from two of my favourite stores – Paperchase and Anthropologie. (Clockwise from top right).

1. Watercolour Wishes Cards

Anthropologie has a collection of beautiful watercolour cards by Liz Temperley. Each has a short, quirky note beneath the artwork. The Flamingo card is by far my favourite since I think they are gloriously elegant creatures and just “Fabulous Darling”.

2. Jungle Fever Note Pad

I am an avid list maker and I go through note pads like its nobody’s business. This one comes in a set of 2 from Paperchase and the bright green leafy border is sure to brighten up any dull desk.

3. Jungle Fever Palm Tree Pen

Who doesn’t love a good novelty pen. Impossible to fit into a clutch and they make me write all funny but I still love them. I would stick this palm tree pen next to my hula hula Olaf from Frozen. (you know those dolls that sway their hips with movement).

4. Parisienne Pencil Case

When a pencil case is good enough to be a clutch bag you know you are on to a winner. This gorgeous Anthropologie piece comes in three different colours and it has a certain “je ne said quoi”…

5. Mercato Pineapple Writing Set

You can’t beat a handwritten letter unless its a handwritten letter on pineapple stationary with gold accents. Bravo Paperchase, this is sure to pull in some extra revenues for the post office.

Do you have any stationery week favourites?



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