Five Fabulous Things | From Guilt-Free Kids Apps To My First Shelfie

Five fab things 9.1.15

(clockwise from top left, photo’s from The White Company, Domain Home and The Glam Mummy archives)

Awesome Tip From The White Company

I came across this on Instagram and am definitely going to try it out! One thing that makes my stomach flip is the thought of dirt I can’t actually see. Like all the little germs living in your 2 week old dishcloth (I soak mine in soap boiling hot water). So I was actually thrilled to discover a new household tip courtesy of The White Company: “Once a week throw your pillows in the tubule dryer for 15 minutes to kill dust mites, freshen and fluff.” Now, who would have thought!?!

9 Things You Shouldn’t Own Past Age 30

I found this article on Domaine Home and immediately thought “Eeek!”. Don’t worry, I’ve never owned a futon BUT I have folding dining chairs, I kid you not! Long story short, we bought them for a picnic around the time that we moved house. We never got round to buying nice chairs for our kitchen table and kept the folding chairs. Literally within minutes of reading this article I placed an order for new chairs. And a new kitchen table whilst I was at it.

Let’s Go Streaking

I first saw them hitting social media at Cochella last year and since then they have been seen on the likes of Beyonce and Khloe Kardashian. Yup, and even on this Glam Mummy. Streak, started by London-based friends Ella and Freddie, have recently launched their online metallic tattoo shop.  The super cool metallic tattoos are not just for summer festivals either, I got streaking on NYE and the hint of gold definitely added the glam factor.  I suspect we will be seeing a lot more of them in the warmer weather months. Let’s #GetStreaking.

Goop’s Guilt-free Apps to Keep Kids Entertained

I’m really not keen on Bug spending hours on my iPad or in front of the TV but sometimes I just need half an hour to myself – even if its just to read an article in the latest Vanity Fair and finish my coffee. I somehow stumbled across an article on GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow’s  supposedly controversial blog) about apps that aren’t that bad for kids and found the recommendations quite useful. The “I Hear Ewe” app got Bug’s seal of approval and it has interesting animal noises such as zebra and alligator. Yes, an alligator, it’s an american app. Take a look for yourself, it’s great.

Its all about a SHELFIE these days

I’ve spent many hours on Pinterest looking for home decor ideas now that the builders have left and I have my home back. And for everywhere I look, I see #shelfie, #shelfie, #shelfie. So I attempted a festive shelfie of my own over our fireplace. Not bad for my first shelfie.


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