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Filofax refillable notebook TGM

I love stationery more than most things on earth. I also love lists, which is useful when you love stationery as they go hand in hand. Sometimes I love a notebook so much that I can’t bear to write lists in it because I know that one day the lists will fill the notebook up  and I will have to toss it away. The Filofax Refillable Notebook solves that problem nicely. It’s stylish, highly functional and I’ll never have to chuck it away because it is refillable.

Filofax refillable notebook TGM-2 Filofax refillable notebook TGM Filofax refillable notebook TGM Filofax refillable notebook TGM

Nifty Features

Often I am leaning on my lap or handbag which makes writing in a notebook awkward. The Filofax Refillable Notebook folds flat and back-to-back which makes it easier for me to write lists whilst on the run or take notes at busy events.

The Filofax Refillable Notebook comes in 6 colours (and I plan on collecting all of them). It has a leather look cover and elastic closure when ensures that it stays in one piece when floating at the bottom of my handbag or nappy bag.

As the name mentions, the Filofax Refillable Notebook can be refilled. You can also add, remove and reposition the pages which is really helpful when prioritising items and arranging your thoughts.

Take a look online at Filofax Refillable Notebooks. You can also find them at most good stationery stores.



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