This Moment… Do I Need These Heels?

Do I need these Heels?

Do I need these heels? “Probably not” you’d say. But my husband would say “Absolutely!”.

When you become a mum there are a lot of lifestyle changes. Nevermind the broken sleep and the shares you have bought in a dry shampoo brand because you use so much of the stuff that you reckon you may as well own part of the company.

I’m talking about practical changes. You now have a spare pair of knickers floating around in each handbag if there is an accident at the coffee shop (I’m talking about your kid, not you!). And you tend to wear more ‘practical’ shoes such as flats, sandals, and sneakers. Basically any shoe without a heel so that you can dash after a toddler or pick up your baby in flash as they are about to lick the wheels of your stroller.

Despite the necessity for practical adjustments in my life, I still lust after beautiful heels. I haven’t turfed one pair of my beautiful collection of high heels from my pre-mummy days because I still wear them, and more often than you think. I made a promise to myself when I first became a mum to maintain some of my GLAM which is why I will whip on a pair of heels at any chance I get.

If I’m going for a quiet catch up drink with a girl friend, a quick dinner date with my sub and or an event without kids, on go my heels. Just because I now live in flats most of my day, it doesn’t mean that my high heels don’t have their own place in my closet/life. To me, being a mum doesn’t mean that I have changed at all but rather I have EVOLVED. I’m still the same glam girl but I now I’m a mummy too. A mummy who wears heels.



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