The Best Way To Display Kids Art | 4 Easy Steps

Display Kids Art TGM

A friend recently saw how I display kids art in our home and said that I HAVE to share this with my readers…

There is no denying how much we love our kids, despite their meltdowns, and every little artwork that they bring home is a treasured item. Until recently I had piles of toddler artwork that I carefully stored in a cupboard and I don’t know what to do with it all.

I can’t bear the thought of turfing any of the art away but I’m not keen on it being randomly strewn around the house. The splodge that is supposedly a dog or the paper plate that is caked in glue and glitter are very special milestones in my eldest daughter’s development and expression. So here is how I display kids art at home. I have taken Bug’s wonderful artworks and given them their own special place.

I can’t tell you how chuffed Bug is to see her artwork displayed. Every three months or so I plan to switch up the art so we can admire many of her bright, glittery, fun pieces.

1. Pick up standard white frames

I picked mine up at Ikea and are excellent value for money. I think a white is the best option as for kids art because it is so colourful and the white lets it pop. You can choose from many different sizes. I got ones that fit standard A4 paper to accommodate most of Bug’s art. If there is anything smaller (like the green butterfly mask you see below) then I fix it onto a piece of plain white paper so it stands out.

Display Kids Art TGM2. Take care doing the fiddly wire and hooks part

This part is a bit of a pain and I do recommend measuring the wire at the back so that they all hang the same way off the wall hooks. Be sure to use pliers so that you don’t destroy your nails. Or get someone else to do it.

Display Kids Art TGM

Display Kids Art TGM


3. Select a few pieces of art

I chose for ones that weren’t too busy and popped with colour. They sat nicely together and each had a little story behind them. Place them in the frames and watch out for glitter/sand/anything that can float around the frame. Gently blow or wipe it away anything that has fallen off the artwork and then close up the frames.

Display Kids Art TGM Display Kids Art TGM4. Hang in the desired spot

We hung these over Bug’s bed in her bedroom. Now that I have seen how well they turned out I am going to find a few more spots in the house (like my office and the kitchen) to hang some more of her art.

Display Kids Art TGM

What do you guys think? How do you display kids art at home?






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