Cuddledry Character Towel in Leopard Print

Who wouldn’t want a leopard print towel with a hood made from soft bamboo cotton. I’d freaking love one but since they only come in kids sizes, my little Bee now has her own Cuddlepaw Cuddledry character towel in an exotic leopard print.

The Cuddledry dress-up towels are the latest success from the creators of the award-winning Cuddledry apron towel. The apron towel was one of the first gifts I received when I was pregnant Bug who is now “free and a harf” years old. It is super handy at bath time and keeps baby and mum dry.

Hooded towel for kids

Fast forward to the present day, when my girls are too old for the apron towel, I find the hooded character towels are great for bath time AND swim time. One very hot afternoon in Cape Town a few weeks back, my cousin and I could not be asked to pack the girls in the car to take them to the beach. So we filled a bright pink blow up pool with cool water and plonked it in the driveway. We sat back with a bottle of chilled rose and the girls splashed around for hours.

Once little Bee had had enough of the water, I popped on her leopard print Cuddledry character towel, which fastens around the neck with a popper, and she could dry off whilst watching her older sister run around like a lunatic.

Bamboo towel for kids

Leopard print towel for kids

The Cuddledry Cuddlepaw towel that Bee is wearing is made from bamboo fibre and cotton which makes it soft and up to 60% more absorbent than just cotton. A minimum donation of £1 will be made to the WWF for every towel sold to help protect endangered snow leopards.

Other dress-up animals you can expect from the Cuddledry character towels include:

  • A Cuddledeer with antlers;
  • A green Cuddleroar dinosaur with scales down its back;
  • A pink polka-dot Cuddlebug (I am going to HAVE to get this for my little Bug!);
  • A cute Cuddlesafari giraffe.

Find out more about the Cuddledry character towels that make bath time a dress up time too at Cuddledry online.


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