Boost your blog: The networking bit of the Cosmo Masterclass

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A quick flick through a recent Cosmopolitan magazine revealed that they were hosting a blogging masterclass in May. Being the newest kid on the blogging block and an avid researcher, I have searched high and low for information on ‘How to Blog’ and this event was what I needed.

I am taking my blog really seriously (not as serious as a trip to the dentist) and I strive to have well written posts, thought out images and content that reflects me. In order to achieve the blog of my dreams I need access to superbloggers and established social media leaders. So sign me up, I’m ready to meet the blogging gurus.

As always, it was a mad rush to bath and bed my little Bug and I took a quick glance in the mirror before a flew out of the front door. The trip to the venue was uneventful, other than being stuck behind a lady in leggings with the most insane VPL, and I made it to the event at 6.30pm on the dot.

Inside the venue, I turned around from the bar with my glass of complimentary bubbles and I didn’t know a soul. Crikey, now what? I hadn’t even thought about the networking bit. I was in a room full of like-minded ladies and I needed put myself out there. Networking is so important when you are new on a scene because it is an important way to learn, grow and get people to notice you.

I suddenly felt like I was trying to find a date and it was sooooo awkward but only for a moment. I plonked myself on a stair and within a few minutes was chatting away to a fabulous bunch of fellow bloggers. They had come from all over the UK to attend this event and were ready and eager as I was. Each of us have completely different blogging backgrounds but what we share is that we have something we are passionate about.

We were following each other on Twitter before we had even entered the auditorium and chatted all the way to our seats. As I settled in and waited for the masterclass to begin, I inwardly smiled as I had made some new blogging friends

Meet my new friends:


Jen's twitter profile

Jen’s Twitter profile

Jen is a beauty blogger from Essex and regularly posts tutorials on YouTube. She recently attended Essex Fashion Week.

Follow her blog at



Pia's Twitter profile

Pia’s Twitter profile

Pia owns Vanilla Pod Bakery in Cheltenham and to present HRH Prince Andrew with her delish cupcakes. Amazing!

Take a look at her website



Megan's Twitter profile

Megan’s Twitter profile

Megan is all things health and fitness. Her blog has healthy (and yummy) recipes and fitness tips.

Follow her blog at


xxx TGM xxx


Meet the Blogging Masterclass gurus


6 thoughts on “Boost your blog: The networking bit of the Cosmo Masterclass

  1. Megan

    What a wonderful blog! Love the way you have it laid out and for having only been doing it for two weeks you are doing amazingly 🙂 Nothing like a bit of blog inspiration!

    1. admin

      Thank you so much Megan. Was great meeting you and hopefully see you again soon at another blogging event.


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