Book Review: Phillipa Fairy Cake and the Secret Pets’ Tea Party


I am a big believer in books and the impact they can have on children’s development. I’d rather spend time reading to little Bug and encourage her imagination to run wild than sit her in front of a TV for hours on end.

When I received an invitation to attend the launch of the latest Phillipa book by Sarahjane Funnel, I readily accepted. Although Bug is only 9 months old, I have already started collecting books for her to read when she is older.

Athenaeum Hotel - the venue

Anthanaeum Hotel – the venue

Bosor - one of the rescue dogs

Bosor – one of the rescue dogs

The launch was a tea party held at the Athenaeum Hotel in Piccadilly (which has just received a Tea Guild Award of Excellence).Sarahjane had put considerable effort into the launch party and there were clear themes, such as a tea party, that tied it into her latest book. Another theme is the book is the children’s relationship with their pets so it was only fitting that members of Dogs Trust charity and a few of their furry rescue friends were invited too.



With delectable treats for me to tuck into and the most adorable dogs for my little Bug to crawl after, we all sat down for story time with Sarahjane.

Sarahjane Funnell with her latest book

Sarahjane Funnell with her latest book

The book is about Phillipa and Little Miss Whiskers, her cat. They, along with two of her friends and their pet rescue dogs, planned for a tea party in the garden. Shortly after they sat down for tea the adventure began and they meet characters such as a ‘lady named Mrs Boodle Doodle, with her hair just like a poodle’. (I just love that. Try saying it really fast.)



The book is beautifully written by Sarahjane and wonderfully illustrated by Tamasine Baldwin. It takes you on a fun journey with Phillipa and her friends and is definitely worth a read.

Pip from Dogs Trust

Pip from Dogs Trust

It is also really fantastic that Sarahjane acknowledges the Dogs Trust charity in her book and a rescue dog named Pip.

I wish Sarahjane the best of luck with this book, the second in the Phillipa series. She is the loveliest person and it really comes across in her storytelling.

You can purchase Phillipa Fairy Cake and the Secret Pets’ Tea Party from Waterstones, WHSmith, Amazon, Gardeners wholesaler and independent books shops for £7.99

You can find out more about Dogs Trust, make a donation or sponsor a dog at Dogs Trust.

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