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I have so much respect for women who set up their own businesses when they see a gap in the market because of the sheer commitment and effort it must require to follow your dream. One such person is Anna Cameron, who founded Babysitters of Kensington and Chelsea (BOKAC) in 2011. She saw through her own babysitting experience that there was huge demand for local, reliable and experienced babysitters and when she couldn’t fulfil the demand on her own she established BOKAC.


Wonderful Anna Cameron

Anna has personally selected each of the babysitters on BOKAC’s books and she manages and responds to all the babysitting requests herself. With a flat rate of ¬£10 an hour and an easy-to-use online booking system, I think that this is a great service for parents who need a night off. In fact, hubs and I took a night off last week thanks to a wonderful BOKAC sitter named Grace who arrived promptly at 7.15pm. After a great dinner and maybe a little too much wine, we got home to a quiet house and Grace holding fort.

So what stands BOKAC apart from other babysitter agencies?

Well, in Anna’s words:

“1. Brilliant babysitters – Our sitters join on completion of our strict registration procedures;

2. Review before you book – Each sitter has an online profile detailing their childcare experience, availability and interests;

3. Book and pay in advance – Parents book their appointments at their convenience and pay online, eliminating the need for cash;

4. Local babysitters – So their are no travel expenses to cover

5. No hidden fees – We charge a flat rate per hour. There are no booking or subscription fees to pay.”

Take a look at or register with BOKAC online.

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