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TheGlamMummy BabyBjorn Carrier One

From newborn to 3 years, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is the only baby carrier you will ever need.

I am a self-appointed BabyBjorn ambassador. Our first purchases were the Bouncer and the Travel Cot (which has been everywhere from a safari in Zambia to a weekend in the New Forest. We also have the potty training essentials, from the Toilet Trainer and the Potty Chair to the Smart Potty and the Step Stool. All are part of family life and I could spend hours talking about their benefits.

Most of all, I love their Baby Carriers. With my first baby, I soon realise that if I wanted to get anything done with two or even one hand, I needed to strap Bug to me somehow. So my first BabyBjorn Carrier (Baby Carrier Original) became part of my everyday life. From coffee with friends to the weekly grocery shop, I had Bug snoozing on my chest as I went about my errands. I even managed to breastfeed her in the carrier whilst rushing home one afternoon and passersby were none the wiser… I would not recommend it though!

And so, with my love for BabyBjorn, I obviously jumped at the opportunity to try the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One.

BABYBJÖRN_Baby_Carrier_One BABYBJÖRN_Baby_Carrier_One BABYBJÖRN_Baby_Carrier_One–_buy_online_or_at_a_store_near_you_3 BABYBJÖRN_Baby_Carrier_One

It has 4 carrying positions including the BACK, which my BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original did not offer. This means you can carry an older child (up to 15kgs/3 years) on your back. This is a real win from my perspective as a mum of two young kids. I have not got a double buggy and therefore am often pushing the eldest, Bug, in a pram and carrying The Littlest in the carrier. I love that there is an option to put the youngest in the pram for a nap and if Bug gets tired of walking I can carry her in my BabynBjorn Baby Carrier One.

What I love:

  • Adaptable to both my 8 month old and 2.5 year old
  • A choice of colours/styles (I hear some new colours will be launched soon!)
  • Weight is well-distributed due to the ergonomic carrying with waist belt
  • It folds up neatly to be stored in nappy bag or pram


What takes getting used to:

  • Transferring the older child from front to back – takes some practice
  • The buckles are different to the Carrier Original and took some getting used to
  • Both kids wanting to be carried at the same time! This is what I end up doing a lot of the time… poor me!

TheGlamMummy BabyBjorn Carrier One

TheGlamMummy BabyBjorn Carrier One TheGlamMummy BabyBjorn Carrier One

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One retails for £119.99 and you can find it at John Lewis, Mothercare and on Amazon.


* BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One was gifted. Words and opinions are my own.


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