Aden and Anais RED collection – Special Edition

Aden and Anais red collection

Aden + Anais (RED) Collection

Aden + Anais (RED) Collection

The Aden and Anais (RED) collection is a recently launched range of special edition products, joining the likes of Beats by Dr Dre and Apple. Aden and Anais, the much loved swaddle brand, has teamed up with (RED).org to help fight for an AIDS FREE generation. Aden + Anais (RED) collectionThe Aden and Anais (RED) collection comprises swaddles (2 & 4 packs), dream blanket, burpy bib, snap bib and musys. 10 % of the retail price of Aden and Anais Special Edition products will go to the Global Fund to fight Aids. Each day, over 700 babies are born HIV positive! I am a few weeks away from having my second child and this statistic just breaks my heart. Even more so because I am South African and have seen first hand the devastating effects that HIV and AIDS has on children, families and communities. It only costs 40 cents a day (approx. 24 pence) to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child. To put this into perspective, if you purchase the Aden and Anais (RED) collection swaddle 4 pack or dream blanket – this can provide 12 days of life-saving medicine to prevent an HIV positive mother passing the virus on to her child. You can purchase the Aden and Anais (Red) collection online.

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