Aden + Anais Daydream blanket

Aden + Anais daydream blankets

Aden + Anais Daydream blanket

Aden + Anais Bamboo Daydream Blanket

Aden + Anais Daydream Blankets are for adults! This much-loved brand now has a line of muslin blankets in a bigger size so us parents can snuggle up under an Aden + Anais too.

Earlier this year I had heard about the Aden + Anais Daydream blankets and thought to myself “Finally, something for us parents!” I have been using Aden + Anais muzys ever since Bug was born and intend to continue using them with my next baby who is on the way.

Aden + Anais Daydream blanket

Aden + Anais Cotton Daydream blanket

The muslins are versatile and can be used in any weather – from the beach in the Bahamas to the chilly London winter. I’ve used them as a breastfeeding cover, light blanket, swaddle, sun shade, picnic blanket, napkin and the list goes on. Yet I have often wondered what it would be like to have a mummy-sized muslin blanket that I could use until now.

The Aden + Anais Daydream blankets are produced from the same quality cotton and bamboo as the kid’s range and have some wonderful neutral patterns to suit any home. I especially love the bamboo products as they are unbelievably soft and feel so luxurious!

Which are your favourite Aden + Anais products?

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