The Glam Mummy Profile PictureAs a mother, most of the time I do not know what I am doing. My parenting style has a technical term – winging it.

Having kids before most of my friends meant I didn’t walk into motherhood with real-life examples of how cope being a mum in the 21st century. I was used to a fast-paced lifestyle with a job in the city, frequent nights out on the town and far-flung holidays. This all came to a screeching halt with the birth of my first daughter and I found myself in a sink or swim scenario. How do I step into the motherhood role without losing myself?

I want to be a role model to my two little girls, I want them to know how to love themselves, to respect themselves and to not lose the fierce independence that I already see burning inside them. And in order for them to be the best version of themselves, I needed to be the best version of me.

So, as a mummy, I pulled up my big girl pants and decided to trust my gut. Most of my parenting is based on pure instinct and a bit of trial and error. I also made a promise to myself that my glam standards would not slip. Yes, there are days I have squished banana between my toes or am trying to resolve a world-class tantrums in public. But, with my head held high and heels (when practical), I am a just a mum keeping it glam.

So ladies (and guys), join me on this adventure. Dust off your Choos and crack open the champers… Motherhood is a celebration and it can be done in heels.Signature 2015