5 Reasons To Love The New Joolz Day 2 Stoller

Joolz Day 2 in Grigio

Joolz Day 2 in Grigio

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the Joolz Stroller and have a well-used one myself that has been our trusted child transporter for over 2 years. The launch of the new Joolz Day 2 has me considering trading my current Joolz in for the newer model. And here’s why…

The Joolz Day 2 has 20 new and improved features that the team at Joolz HQ say make it “a pushchair like no other”. There are many features that make Joolz one of my favourite strollers and the new/improved features make it just that much better than the rest.

Joolz Day 2 in Hippo Grey

Joolz Day 2 in Hippo Gray

Puncture Proof and Ultra Light Tyres (a dad win)

These are feature that impress the dads (including my husband) the most. Tyres that don’t run flat means that you don’t ever have to worry about puncture kits or refilling the stroller tyres with air.

XL Shopping Basket (a mum win)

Hands down my favourite of the new Joolz Day 2 features. Hands down.

XL Sun Hood with Air Top

I’ve seen a few strollers come out with XL sun hoods and I am thrilled that it is now on the Joolz   too. It makes such a difference when your kid is snoozing, making it just a little bit darker/quieter for them. It also provides additional shade on a sunny day and blocks the wind when it is stormy outside.

Joolz Day 2 is Only 59 cm in Width

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve see an enormous stroller in Zara take half the clothes along with it. Or a mum back up and then ram her stroller through a restaurant door to get it through. Every centimetre counts when it comes to pram width.

Big Carry Cot with See-Through Ventilation

The carry cot measures 82cm in length, which is a spacious size and allows for babies to use this option for a tad longer than most other prams on the market. What’s more, the cot has breathable mesh on the hood which allows you to see your baby without having to pull the hood back.

Joolz Day 2 is available in stores and online from 22 October 2016. Prices start from £799. Check out Joolz online for more information.



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