Baby weaning: how to remain sane yet stylish

Ker-splat! Plop! Blup! Yip, that is the sound of moving your child on to solid foods.

I am a believer in baby-led weaning and the endless benefits. However, until Bug gets her first few teeth, most of her meals consists of squishy foods that can be easily broken down by toothless her gums.

So where does this leave me? Each and every mealtime I sit next to a tiny tot who is eager to feed herself and happy to explore new tastes and textures but this results in smooshed food all over the table and kitchen floor.

I die a little inside, take a deep breath and remind myself I will renovate the house once all our kids have left home. But that is like 100 years away so in the mean time I need a solution.

And this is the solution… A DIY Splat Mat (a plastic tablecloth) for the kitchen floor. Genius.  Something that I can lay on the floor under Bug’s highchair that will catches all of the mess and is wiped clean of squidgy mess. But idea of a plastic tablecloth conjured up images of clowns and balloons and school camp meals in a canteen. I could not possibly allow one of these into my kitchen. Ever.



And then I stumbled through the fabric department at Peter Jones (John Lewis). Rows and rows of rolls of awesome prints covered in a plastic layer, essential making them plastic tablecloth fabric, but so much cooler than the ones I remember as a kid. I had found my Splat Mat material.


I chose a blue and white print that reminded me of cobbled streets and a holiday in Greece at the same time (soothing for the stressful mealtimes) and ordered two meters. It was also affordable – under £30 for all of it which is a small price to pay to preserve your kitchen floor and sanity.


I am really chuffed with this purchase as Bug can drop each and every morsel of her food if she’d like and I simply hand it back to her (5 second rule applies) or just wipe it clean.

There is nothing quite as humbling as getting down on all fours, kneeling under the table at your child’s feet to wipe up the mess, and receiving a little reassuring pat on the head from a grubby hand. Thanks.


xxx TGM xxx



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