25 signs you should be a fashion blogger by WhoWhatWear

25 signs you should be a fashion blogger

Seen this a gazillion times on Instagram and it still rings true.

From the obligatory pet photos (french bulldog/cat) to quotes from the Clueless movie to cutting their heads off in photos – there are some things that make a fashion blogger. WhoWhatWear have pulled together 25 undeniable traits of fashion bloggers.

We have recently followed them from New York to London to Milan and Paris for the Spring/Summer 2015 fashion weeks. The best way to get a front row view into each fashion week is through the eyes of leading fashion bloggers.

Thanks to technology and social media, we don’t have to wait for next month’s printed glossy mag to pick up on trends from top fashion houses and steal a celebs style. Fashion bloggers bring us these updates real-time and you learn to love their unique dialogue and quirky tastes in (not-so-wearable) fashion.

Apart from the most well know fashion bloggers (like Susie Bubble and Brian Boy), there are hoards of fashion lovers trying to make their name as the next up and coming blogger. WhoWhatWear gives us the hilarious “25 Signs You Should Be A Fashion Blogger“. See some more of my favourites below:

25 signs you should be a fashion blogger

A fashion blogger’s take on the running man.

25 signs you should be a fashion blogger

Love a gust of wind but love a wind machine even more.

I had a good giggle when reading this because I could tick most of them off when thinking about the fashion bloggers I follow – what do you think???

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* All images via WhoWhatWear



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