NARS | 5 tips from an evening with a leading NARS makeup stylist


She is a leading NARS makeup stylist. She travels from fashion week to fashion week doing makeup for leading fashion houses. Outside of fashion week, she continues to trot around the globe creating beautiful looks for leading magazines and top brands such as Jimmy Choo. And all in the name of NARS.

She is Jane Richardson, international lead NARS makeup stylist. I joined her recently for an evening she hosted and picked up some great tips. I also found an alternative to my failsafe ruby red lipstick… Ahem, the Audacious Lipstick in Lana shade. It’s a brilliant red, with a slight orange tint, that makes people sit up and notice.


NARS Audacious Lipstick – Lana shade

What I learnt from a leading NARS makeup stylist:

1. Don’t drink coffee before doing your liquid eyeliner wings (note to self!). Liquid eyeliner wings take practice but you aren’t going to get anywhere with that practice if your hand is ticking/shaking like a jackhammer.

2. Step back from the mirror whilst doing your make up. Often we have our face right up against the mirror which doesn’t really give you realistic view of how your overall look is coming along.

3. Adding a bold colour is like having a facelift. It can totally transform your look and everyone sees colour differently. Give it a go, it’s only lipstick and you can always take it off.

4. Try something new for three days before you decide to dump the new look. If you are trying something bold for the first time, it will look different and take some getting used to. Give it three days and see if it grows on you and you feel more comfortable with the change.

5. Every face is different so what works on a model in a magazine, may not work for you. Jane says that in fashion week the make up artists are given a look to replicate but their face shape and bone structure of each model varies. The make up artists are skilled at making the look work on different faces but don’t worry if you can’t copy a look you have seen.


Brush Bag Envy


It was great to get some tips from Jane Richardson (and take a peek inside her brush bag). I’m definitely going to try so a bit bolder, especially in winter when our wardrobes tend to head for the black/grey colour scheme.

We were also treated to some fabulous NARS goodie bags containing NARS Lip Liner Pencil, NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and NARS Andy Warhol Eyeshadow Palette (Flower 2).

The NARS Andy Warhol Eyeshadow Palette is a treat! The mirror is inscribed with the Warhol quote “You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”




xxx TGM xxx

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Monday with Oscar Wilde

Inspirational quote from Oscar Wilde

Monday inspo 3

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Monday with J. K. Rowling

Inspirational quote by Vivienne WestwoodMonday inspo 7xxx TGM xxx


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Five Fabulous Things

Five Fabulous Things

Clockwise from top left:

:: Bug love’s a babycino and has become a bit of a connoisseur. The ones from No. 11 Pimlico Road are generous and served in a little person’s-sized cup. This uber chic restaurant is kid-friendly and has a ‘Little People’ menu too.

:: Eeeek! The first pedi since having a baby 2 months ago. The girls at Gloss & Polish treated me to a gel mani/pedi a few days before my due date (thank you!) and it lasted ages. This week I got a much needed Gloss & Polish pedi in the comfort of my own home at 8pm after the kids were down.

:: Have you ever heard of Zoodles? These I have to try! They are gluten-free, Paleo friendly, and a super healthy alternative to pasta. They are made from Zucchini (hence Zoodles) and are the latest craze with health food set. [photo: NomNomPaleo]

:: My husband shares his birthday celebrations with trick-or-treaters because his birth date sits slap bang on Halloween. He now also shares his birthday with our toddler who seems to think that whenever there is a birthday cake around, its her birthday too. She chose this delicious Hummingbird Bakery rainbow cake for his birthday. Yum yum!

:: I spotted the world’s most amazing Play Kitchen at a friend’s house recently and had to know where it was from. Check out the Great Little Trading Company for wonderful wooden toys and play sets for kids. I know a little girl who would be over the moon if Santa delivered one of these play kitchens this Christmas. (Pssst… there is sale at the moment)

xxx TGM xxx

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No. 11 Pimlico Road | Dining With Kids In Chelsea

No 11 Pimlico RoadNo. 11 Pimlico Road is a beautifully designed and kid-friendly restaurant situated a stone’s throw from Sloane Square and a few minutes walk from the well-known The Orange Pub. It has chic decor, serves great food and is frequented by the Made In Chelsea set.

I love restaurants that use their address as the name of their establishment. Just to get out the front door with two kids and all of their stuff is a miracle in itself on some days, so to not have to google the address of our next destination really gets a big thumbs up from me.

No 11 Pimlico Road No 11 Pimlico Road

Not far from Kings Road in Chelsea, No. 11 Pimlico Road is a beautifully decorated restaurant that is open for breakfast and has menu’s to take you all the way to dinner time. It has an awesome two-course ‘Little People’ lunch menu starting at 11.30am and the portions are big enough for mummy to have a taste too.

Bug tried out the fish cakes which followed by the No. 11 ice cream sundae and she had a babycino, of course. I had the grilled sea bass (20p of which went to the Kids Company Plate Pledge) and a delish glass of a Marlborough sauv blanc. Both meals were fresh, delicious and arrived within a reasonable time of ordering which is key if a hungry toddler is waiting for lunch.

No 11 Pimlico Road No 11 Pimlico Road


As far as kid-friendly facilities go, No 11 Pimlico has high chairs and a spacious and clean nappy changing area in the disabled loo on the ground floor just next to the bar. They also provide kids with colouring books and lots of crayons (unlike some places that chuck a sheet of paper and two wax crayons in front of your child). The staff are also really friendly and chatty with kids which is also a big plus.

This place is great for mums who’d want a great meal or even a quick coffee because of it’s kid-friendly facilities. I’d go so far to say that it is perfect for NCT groups – and we all know how hard it is to find a place with great coffee that can accommodate a group of mums and their buggies!

To find out more or book a table take a look at No.11 Pimlico Road online.

xxx TGM xxx

* Thanks to No. 11 Pimlico Road for a great lunch. Words are my own.
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Monday with Vivienne Westwood

Inspirational quote by Vivienne Westwood

Monday inspo 5

xxx TGM xxx

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Baby Spa | A session with Laura Sevenus

Baby Spa

The Baby Spa in Kensington is not only the ultimate pampering indulgence for babies but a number of doctors swear by the developmental benefits for babies. Each Baby Spa session begins with therapeutic water flotation and ends with a grapeseed oil baby massage. The swimming pods contain warm water which is purified through a process called reverse osmosis. All babies under 8 weeks are placed in their own pod, where a few older babies can swim together in the larger pod at the same time.

Recently, on a cold, wet day in London, I stepped into the Baby Spa with my youngest daughter. I was met with smiles from Laura Sevenus and her Baby Spa team as I was led into the warm, dimly-lit spa area. All shoes and prams are parked at the door and there is a room to feed your baby before/after the spa experience.

You are encouraged to ensure your baby is well-fed and rested before the Baby Spa experience. That way both you and your baby can get the most out of it.

Bright toys are placed around the swimming pods

Bright toys are placed around the swimming pods

Laura gives my daughter a gentle wash

Laura gives my daughter a gentle wash

The bigger pool for older babies

The bigger pool for older babies

Laura Sevenus first got to know us a little bit and as a fellow South African, we immediately hit it off. She weighed my daughter before the trademark purple Bubby was gently placed around her neck. These floatation devices weigh just 90 grams and are only used under professional supervision. A timer is set for 15 minutes and my little bunny was gently placed in the warm water and left to swim around. I was told that if she became unhappy at any point, we would take her out to settle her and move on to the massage. Well, she kicked and twirled in her swimming pool for the full 15 minutes without even a peep other than a few smiles.

This is just as much an experience for the babies as it is for their parents. I saw many eager dads with cameras waiting for the right moment to snap away at their little tot paddling away whilst the mums gave encouraging coo’s.

Next, the Bubby was removed and Laura Sevenus gently poured some water over her head and body before lifting her onto a change mat. She was wrapped in a big fluffy towel and propped in between a feeding pillow for her massage.

Baby Spa

She was softly rubbed from head to toe with grapeseed oil with her gaze moving between the coloured wooded mobiles hanging overhead and the lovely lady giving her a massage. By the end of it, she was so chilled out I could brought my toddler into the room and my baby would not have blinked.

Before I knew it, the session was over and my baby was bundled up and softly snoring. I stepped back out into the cold London rain with a very happy baby and a bunch of toddler swimming tips from Laura Sevenus.

You can book your session at Baby Spa online. And, the Baby Spa stocks Little Butterfly which is one of my new favourite organic skincare products for babies.

xxx TGM xxx

*Thank you to Laura Sevenus and her team for having us. Words are my own.



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Little Butterfly| Luxury Organics For Babies

Little Butterfly

I have a thing for handwritten notes and when this gorgeous Little Butterfly package arrived with a handwritten note from Gudrun Wurm a smile spread across my face.  Why? Because it is not often that the founder of a product will take the time to write me a note and it shows that she cares.

She cares about the finer details and we should expect no less from baby skincare/beauty products.

She cares about what goes into her products, with a listed in a Little Butterfly A-Z ingredients index on the product website. This resonates with me as I tend to not use products on my girls if I can’t pronounce the ingredients because that is an indicator that they may be too harsh on young, delicate skin.

And she cares what goes onto her products. You may not know this, but I am a stickler for detail and one of the first things I noticed was the packaging. Just look at the wood-type effect on the bottle lid, to the teeny-tiny butterfly on the ‘B’ logo, to the “dreamy organics for heavenly babies” message inside the gift bag. A lot of thought has gone into the Little Butterfly range.

Little Butterfly

Little Butterfly Bedtime Bath Milk

Little Butterfly

Little Butterfly Nappy Change Cream

Little Butterfly

Gurdrun Wurm, founder of Little Butterfly baby skin care products, identified a need for organic-certified premium range after the birth of her son. She says that “developing Little Butterfly has been a labour of love, with every formulation meticulously crafted and every ingredient and every ingredient having to justify its place.”

Having tried the Bedtime Bath Milk and the Nappy Change Cream with my girls, I found I can pronounce the ingredients, they are gentle on their skin and are not overly-perfumed – big thumbs up!

Little Butterfly

Little Butterfly

A sweet little message inside the Little Butterfly gift bag

Little Butterfly products are free from mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, SLS, silicones, DEA, TEA, PEGs and artificial fragrances.

All Little Butterfly products are animal-friendly, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. The packaging is recyclable and only trusted suppliers with sustainable and responsible production methods are used.

You can purchase them from Little Butterfly online and a variety of baby boutique stores. I also spotted them during my trip to the Baby Spa last week!

xxx TGM xxx

* Products were gifted. All views are my own.
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Monday with Diane Von Furstenberg

Inspirational quote from Diane Von Furstenberg
Monday inspo 6
xxx TGM xxx


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EMU Australia | Celebrating 20 Years

IMG_7181 b

I once swore I would never wear a sheepskin boot in public. I have stood by this promise until now and EMU Australia is why I’ve had a change of mind…

As the weather changes and winter approaches, scores of my friends pull out their sheepskin boots to keep their toes snug in the colder months. I have been told countless times how comfortable they are and how they feel as if you are wearing your warm, cosy slippers all day long. Well, that’s just it. Why on Gods green earth is it OK to walk around in your slippers all day? (Unless you are a mum and in desperate need of coffee/nappies/fresh air and happen to run out the house in your slippers).

Each winter on the commute to work or on the morning school run, I see ladies walking around in their sheepskin boots. To me it looks like they are wearing tree trunks, that are loose around the ankles and start to sag at the sole. You can even hear the boot drag across the floor with each step that they take. No amount of guaranteed comfort could get me to walk around in the ill-fitting, saggy sheepskin tree trunk-like boots. But comfy sheepskin boots that look good could change my mind…

EMU Australia

My first ever pair of sheepskin boots. Thank you EMU Australia for introducing me to the most comfy, snug and toasty shoes ever!

EMU Australia, celebrates its 20-year anniversary this October and their entire sheepskin Originals collection has been revamped. They have included a 30% lighter outsole, tapered the profile of the boots and provided a more flexible fit. Goodbye saggy sheepskin boot and hello warm, comfy EMU Australia sheepskin boots that are also stylish. Since these boots have a better, tapered fit they look better than all other sheepskin boots out there and don’t sag or drag. Yup, I’m now a convert.

To further mark the occasion of their 20th anniversary, EMU Australia have launched their iconic Stinger Lo Boot in 20 colours. Most of the EMU Australia range is water resistant and there are some styles that are even waterproof.

My favourite EMU Australia Women’s boot is the Alba which comes in 6 neutral-ish colours. I like them because they have a sheepskin ‘cuff’ at the top and buttons up the back. I have the EMU Australia Alba in Chestnut for myself and the EMU Australia Alba Kids in Chocolate for my little Bug. I even have the little Toddle boots in Chestnut for our new baby girl. Us three girls are kitted out and ready to take on a blistery winter with our EMU Australia boots!

My Alba's

My Alba’s (check out the EMU print on the sole)

Bug's Chocolate Alba Kids

Bug’s super fluffy Chocolate Alba Kids

Baby girl's teeny little EMU Australia Toddles

My baby girl’s teeny little EMU Australia Toddles

EMU Australia Kids range caters for Big Kids (from UK kids size 7) and Little Kids (from 6-12 months). Kids have the choice of many of the adult styles as well as the cutest Little Creatures range which are to die for.

Just a few of the 'Little Creatures' range

Just a few of the ‘Little Creatures’ range

My feet are really grateful to EMU Australia for these super comfy and super stylish sheepskin boots, as are my daughters’ feet. We are looking forward to toasty-warm toes this winter.

xxx TGM xxx

*The Alba’s were gifted. All words are my own.

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