Monday with Oscar Wilde


Inspirational Quote from Oscar Wilde
Monday inspo 4


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Monday with Tom Ford

Inspirational quote from Tom FordMonday inspo 8xxx TGM xxx


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Giveaway | Phase Eight Advent

Phase eight necklace

It’s Day 5 of the Phase Eight Advent and I’ve got something very glam to give away! Today I have partnered up with Phase Eight and we are going to give this gorgeous Dionne Necklace (worth £35) to one lucky lady. It’s really easy to enter but you have until midnight to enter…

For your chance to win this necklace you simply need to follow @Phase_Eight on Twitter and send them a message that includes #PhaseEightAdvent. Or you could just reply to one of my competition tweets, but make sure you are following @Phase_Eight to be eligible to win.

I will select a winner after midnight and notify them via Twitter and this fabulous necklace sent on its way to them. But remember, you only have until midnight tonight to win the Phase Eight Dionne Necklace. You can enter as many times as you like but each tweet you send has to be different and include @Phase_Eight and #PhaseEightAdvent.

Phase eight necklace 2

With the Phase Eight Advent, there will be a fabulous treat up for grabs every day up until Christmas. Check out what else is coming up in the Phase Eight Advent.  Also, here are the T’s & C’s for this competition.

Good luck!!

xxx TGM xxx

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Pines And Needles | Our First Family Christmas Tree

Pines and Needles

Nothing quite says “Christmas is here!” like a friendly chap in a Santa hat carrying the most enormous Christmas tree into your home. Pines and Needles sent us a glorious Christmas tree a few days before the start of December and the whole family has been excited since it’s arrival because it is our first family Christmas tree.

Almost every Christmas we fly down South to warmer weather and celebrate Christmas with out family back home in South Africa. This year, we decided to stay in London and celebrate Christmas in our own home. Bug has just turned two and is beginning to grasp the whole “Kiss-Miss” thing and there is nothing better to kick off the whole festive season than the biggest Christmas tree that we could fit in our house.

Pines and Needles


Pines and Needles Pines and Needles

I bought bags of decorations in silver and gold and the two of us spent a good hour dressing the tree (well I kept replacing whatever it was that she was pulling off). Despite having bags of decorations, it was looking a bit sparse so we threw on two boxes of crackers. Finally she lost interest and all the decorations remained on the tree, that is until the next time she walked past it.

Pines and Needles provided us with a brilliant Christmas tree to have in a house with kids because it is a non drop tree which saves me the hassle of sweeping under the tree each day and I don’t have to worry about pines ending up in Bug’s mouth. Also, the pines are not sharp which made decorating the tree a breeze – well, not really, because she kept taking the decorations off the tree and saying “Oh no mummy, oh no!”. I keep finding gold and silver bells scattered around the house but hey-ho that’s life with a toddler.

Pines and Needles

Pines and Needles

They also sent two mini tree’s which are delightful. I potted them in some white pots I had lying around and decorated them with tiny baubles and gold coins.

Take a look at Pines and Needles – they have indoor, outdoor and artificial trees. They even provide decorated Christmas trees and offer nationwide delivery.

xxx TGM xxx

* Pines and Needles gifted the Christmas tree. Words and opinions are my own.

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Monday with Granny from Downton Abbey

Inspirational quote from Granny from Downton AbbeyMonday inspo 10xxx TGM xxx


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Five Fabulous Things | From Stella McCartney’s Floor To Liberty London Documentary

Five fab things

Clockwise from top left:

Parquet Flooring is just to die for and this ombre parquet floor spotted at Stella McCartney Fulham Road is insane. I would love to add this feature to our home but after (nearly) a year of a house full of builders, I may just save this idea for our next home renovation next century.

How to order takeout and not gain weight… I had to share this article as I am on a post-baby body boosting mission. If you are on a similar mission, My Sushi Shop is hands down the best takeaway sushi in London and is my go to at the end of a long day and and cooking dinner is the last thing I want to do after the whole bath and bedtime routine. Plus their service is excellent!

Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar is the most beautifully designed advent out there in 2014! On top of that, it is packed with the best of the best in terms of beauty treats. It includes Diptique, Dr Sebagh, Dermalogica and NARS. What more could a glam girl ask for in the run up to Christmas??? PS. Check out “Liberty of London” on Channel 4 for behind the scenes happenings within this famous store.

Green People, one of my fave organic beauty brands for kids, treated me to some goodies for some mummy pampering. The new Green People Natural Lip Crayons coat the lip in natural mineral shades and comes in three colours – mine is Praline. Using this along with the Green People Enrich & Enhance Lip Primer ensures that your lips are conditioned and the colour is locked in.

And today is Black Friday… whoop whoop! The busiest shopping day of the year in the US has started to catch on in the UK. Not only have major retailers such as Amazon and Asos have slashed prices, but I’ve noticed a lot of independent boutiques have too. So support the little people too ladies, you may find your once in a life time piece at an easily affordable price.

xxx TGM xxx

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Beauty Advent Calendars of 2014|Last Chance To Buy

Spoiler Alert: The Jo Malone Advent Calendar flew off shelves and is no longer available BUT see below for ones you can still get your hands on...

Spoiler Alert: The Jo Malone Advent Calendar flew off shelves and is no longer available BUT see below for ones you can still get your hands on…

I remember the joy of getting a new advent calendar each year as a child. A little chocolate treat each day to mark the countdown to Christmas day. The novelty wore off as I got older because having a mummy-approved chocolate a day was no longer a thrill.

That was until I discovered beauty advent calendars. Some clever clog came up with substituting the 25 chocolates within an advent calendar with beauty products and that person deserves a massive manicured pat on the back from moi.

From Jo Malone to Benefit Cosmetics, there have been some fabulous beauty advent calendars for 2014 but they have flown off shelves and sold out. We have a few days left until glam girls everywhere will kick off the advent calendar window opening, so I did a round up of the best beauty advent calendars still available to purchase.

Last Chance To Buy: Beauty Advent Calendars of 2014

1. Liberty Advent Calendar £149

Liberty_Beauty_Advent_Calendar_2014___Christmas___Gifting___Liberty_co_uk2 Liberty_Beauty_Advent_Calendar_2014___Christmas___Gifting___Liberty_co_uk3

I am currently hooked on Season 2 of “Liberty of London” on Channel 4 (Omar is my fave!). Nothing better than a behind the scenes documentary of one of London’s most iconic shopping destinations. This Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar features £420 worth of beauty favourites and includes well-known brands such as Diptique, Eve Lom and Nars.

2. Ciate Mini Mani Manor Advent £49


Any lover of a mani is a lover of Ciate. They take colour and texture to another level with their pretty paint pots with little black bows. The Ciate Mini Mani Manor is filled with mini paint pots and special effects to ensure you nails are super glam this holiday season. (Am loving the “Fade to Griege” colour at the moment, perfect for winter!)

3. Elemis 12 Days Of Beauty £59.50


The much loved British spa and beauty brand has a 12 Days Of Beauty gift set worth £113 to take you from the first day of Christmas and into the New Year. If you started off with one of the advents above to take you up to Christmas day and then carry on through December with the Elemis 12 Days Of Beauty you could have a beauty treat every day in December! Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Now hurry, hurry, hurry – not much time is left to buy these awesome beauty advent calendars.

xxx TGM xxx



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NARS | 5 tips from an evening with a leading NARS makeup stylist


She is a leading NARS makeup stylist. She travels from fashion week to fashion week doing makeup for leading fashion houses. Outside of fashion week, she continues to trot around the globe creating beautiful looks for leading magazines and top brands such as Jimmy Choo. And all in the name of NARS.

She is Jane Richardson, international lead NARS makeup stylist. I joined her recently for an evening she hosted and picked up some great tips. I also found an alternative to my failsafe ruby red lipstick… Ahem, the Audacious Lipstick in Lana shade. It’s a brilliant red, with a slight orange tint, that makes people sit up and notice.


NARS Audacious Lipstick – Lana shade

What I learnt from a leading NARS makeup stylist:

1. Don’t drink coffee before doing your liquid eyeliner wings (note to self!). Liquid eyeliner wings take practice but you aren’t going to get anywhere with that practice if your hand is ticking/shaking like a jackhammer.

2. Step back from the mirror whilst doing your make up. Often we have our face right up against the mirror which doesn’t really give you realistic view of how your overall look is coming along.

3. Adding a bold colour is like having a facelift. It can totally transform your look and everyone sees colour differently. Give it a go, it’s only lipstick and you can always take it off.

4. Try something new for three days before you decide to dump the new look. If you are trying something bold for the first time, it will look different and take some getting used to. Give it three days and see if it grows on you and you feel more comfortable with the change.

5. Every face is different so what works on a model in a magazine, may not work for you. Jane says that in fashion week the make up artists are given a look to replicate but their face shape and bone structure of each model varies. The make up artists are skilled at making the look work on different faces but don’t worry if you can’t copy a look you have seen.


Brush Bag Envy


It was great to get some tips from Jane Richardson (and take a peek inside her brush bag). I’m definitely going to try so a bit bolder, especially in winter when our wardrobes tend to head for the black/grey colour scheme.

We were also treated to some fabulous NARS goodie bags containing NARS Lip Liner Pencil, NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and NARS Andy Warhol Eyeshadow Palette (Flower 2).

The NARS Andy Warhol Eyeshadow Palette is a treat! The mirror is inscribed with the Warhol quote “You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.”




xxx TGM xxx

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Monday with Oscar Wilde

Inspirational quote from Oscar Wilde

Monday inspo 3

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Monday with J. K. Rowling

Inspirational quote by Vivienne WestwoodMonday inspo 7xxx TGM xxx


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