BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One | One Is All You Ever Need

TheGlamMummy BabyBjorn Carrier One

From newborn to 3 years, the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One is the only baby carrier you will ever need.

I am a self-appointed BabyBjorn ambassador. Our first purchases were the Bouncer and the Travel Cot (which has been everywhere from a safari in Zambia to a weekend in the New Forest. We also have the potty training essentials, from the Toilet Trainer and the Potty Chair to the Smart Potty and the Step Stool. All are part of family life and I could spend hours talking about their benefits.

Most of all, I love their Baby Carriers. With my first baby, I soon realise that if I wanted to get anything done with two or even one hand, I needed to strap Bug to me somehow. So my first BabyBjorn Carrier (Baby Carrier Original) became part of my everyday life. From coffee with friends to the weekly grocery shop, I had Bug snoozing on my chest as I went about my errands. I even managed to breastfeed her in the carrier whilst rushing home one afternoon and passersby were none the wiser… I would not recommend it though!

And so, with my love for BabyBjorn, I obviously jumped at the opportunity to try the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One.

BABYBJÖRN_Baby_Carrier_One BABYBJÖRN_Baby_Carrier_One BABYBJÖRN_Baby_Carrier_One–_buy_online_or_at_a_store_near_you_3 BABYBJÖRN_Baby_Carrier_One

It has 4 carrying positions including the BACK, which my BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original did not offer. This means you can carry an older child (up to 15kgs/3 years) on your back. This is a real win from my perspective as a mum of two young kids. I have not got a double buggy and therefore am often pushing the eldest, Bug, in a pram and carrying The Littlest in the carrier. I love that there is an option to put the youngest in the pram for a nap and if Bug gets tired of walking I can carry her in my BabynBjorn Baby Carrier One.

What I love:

  • Adaptable to both my 8 month old and 2.5 year old
  • A choice of colours/styles (I hear some new colours will be launched soon!)
  • Weight is well-distributed due to the ergonomic carrying with waist belt
  • It folds up neatly to be stored in nappy bag or pram


What takes getting used to:

  • Transferring the older child from front to back – takes some practice
  • The buckles are different to the Carrier Original and took some getting used to
  • Both kids wanting to be carried at the same time! This is what I end up doing a lot of the time… poor me!

TheGlamMummy BabyBjorn Carrier One

TheGlamMummy BabyBjorn Carrier One TheGlamMummy BabyBjorn Carrier One

The BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One retails for £119.99 and you can find it at John Lewis, Mothercare and on Amazon.


* BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One was gifted. Words and opinions are my own.

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Tiffany Selfridges | New Store In London

Cobblestone Yellow Diamond Bracelet

Cobblestone Yellow Diamond Bracelet

If shopping for jewellery could get any more convenient… Now you can find Tiffany & Co in Selfridges London.

The new Tiffany Selfridges store opened today and after hearing the news I did a bit of online window shopping… I love to gather wish lists in my head, for when I win the lottery and then at least I am prepared to spend all that money.

Jokes aside, whilst Tiffany & Co does have some high-end, price on application, über expensive pieces (see Cobblestone Yellow Diamond Bracelet above), there are beautiful pieces that are affordable too. They make great gifts for big birthday celebrations or as gift for a new mum on the arrival a baby.

I spent a good half hour browsing the Tiffany & Co site and since I have a thing for gold bangles and bracelets, these would be at the top of my wish list. Also, a bit of sparkle here and there in the form of diamonds never hurt. Take a look The Glam Mummy Edit:

Atlas Hinged Bandle

Atlas Hinged Bangle

Tiffany Enchant Narrow Bangle

Tiffany Enchant Narrow Bangle

Tiffany T Cutout Hinged Cuff With White Ceramic

Tiffany T Cutout Hinged Cuff With White Ceramic

Tiffany T Wire Bracelet

Tiffany T Wire Bracelet

Paloma Picasso Olive Lead Cuff

Paloma Picasso Olive Lead Cuff

Tiffany Schlumberger Croisollon Bracelet

Tiffany Schlumberger Croisollon Bracelet

Tiffany Metro Bangle With Five Row Diamonds

Tiffany Metro Bangle With Five Row Diamonds

Atlas Narrow Open Bangle

Atlas Narrow Open Bangle

Tiffany Metro Bangle With Diamonds

Tiffany Metro Bangle With Diamonds

{photos: Tiffany & Co.}

And there you have it fellow magpies out there… You’re welcome!


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Polo In The Park 2015 | Little Hooves Club and Discount Code

Polo In The Park

The annual summer event Polo In The Park is almost upon us. Hosted at Hurlingham Park on 6, 7 and 8 June 2015 it promises to a fabulous day out for mums, dads and kiddies. And I have a discount code for all readers…

I must admit, the last time I went to Polo in the Park I was not yet a mummy and I spent the day sipping champagne with my girlfriends and try hard not to stare at the gorgeous Argentinian polo players (did I just say that!?!). I have not visited since because I was either very pregnant or could not fathom the idea of dragging a young kid to the event.

Well, this year Bug is going to be dragging me to Polo in the Park because they have gone all out with kids’ entertainment making it a truly family day out. Sharky & George, Eddie Catz and travel supremos, Original Travel, have three days of fun-filled activities to keep little ones entertained.

“You can expect face painters galore, a giant obstacle course, soft play for toddlers, creative workshops and boundless energy from a crack team of children’s entertainers.

Join us on Finals Day for an epic pitch invasion that will see the children galloping around on space hoppers and taking part in their very own polo match; a flash mob of children’s entertainment and tug of war contest. (Dads at the ready please).

While the children are horsing around (see what we did there?) Original Travel will be hosting a parents’ zone over the three days – complete with comfy chairs and refreshments – to recharge the batteries and watch the children play.”

So dust off your wedges ladies and get your matching mummy/daughter frocks ready. Go to Chestertons Polo In The Park online and use the discount code POLOSOCIAL to get £5 off the Friday and Saturday tickets. See you at the Little Hooves Club (and champagne garden) at Polo In The Park 2015!

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Bobble Art | Making Travel With Kids A Lot More Fun

Bobble Art Travel

The thought of travelling with young kids is enough to make any parent delay/push back/postpone a holiday. Now that I have done it, I would do it over again so long as I had a box of tricks from Bobble Art.

Planning our first abroad trip as a family of four left me a tad anxious. We did a lot of travelling with Bug when she was much younger (something like 36 flights!) and I had it down to a fine art. The two parents to one kid ratio does make things a lot easier and hubs and I became the masters at tag-teaming on a plane.

Once The Littlest arrived, the parent:child ratio levelled out and I had to put a lot more preparation into travelling with a toddler and a baby. The key was to keep the toddler fed, rested and occupied. Fed and rested I knew how to do but the occupied part had me in knots until I decided to fill a Bobble Art cabin bag with Bobble Art goodies and a few other bits.

Bobble Art Travel Bobble Art Travel Bobble Art Travel

Toddlers like to have their own version of what mummy/daddy has and so a kid sized cabin bag was key, especially a girly pink one. Next, fill the bag needs with new and fun stuff to keep her occupied. Bobble Art sent us a fab travel pillow, eye mask and stationery.

You don’t need to spend loads on the goodies but something they haven’t seen/used before will make sure they spend a bit more time on exploring the goodie and figuring it out. Simple things like a sticker book or a tub of Play Doh. I also packed her favourite toy (Monkey) and a bunch of Frozen merchandise which was sure to get her excited.

We gave her the Bobble Art bag just before we left for the airport which had her giddy with excitement. She whizzed through the airport, proudly pulling her Bobble Art cabin bag stuffed with goodies. Each time she started to get restless on our journey, we would open up the bag and she could choose one thing to play with. It worked a treat!

Bobble Art has more than just travel accessories for kids. They have fun drink bottles and lunch boxes, colourful umbrellas, room decor and loads of stationery for kids. I love the fun patterns and bright colours! Take a look and pull together a cabin bag for your little one the next time you fly.


* The Bobble Art goodies were gifted, words are my own.

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Cake Maternity Lingerie | The Glam Mummy Edit

Cake Maternity | Convertible Contour Nursing BraI am having one of those “I wish I had discovered these sooner” moments. I came across Cake Maternity Bras via one of my Instagram followers and after a little bit of online window shopping I knew I would have bought the lot of them if I was pregnant again.

I can’t begin to tell you how long I searched for maternity bras through both of my pregnancies. I actually bought Victoria’s Secret bras a couple of sizes bigger so that I could get some decent support for my ladies towards the end of my pregnancy.

For obvious reasons, my VS bras were no good at the last stages of pregnancy and for breastfeeding and so I resorted to some ‘adequate’ maternity bras that were anything but sexy and left me feeling like my boobs were heading towards my ankles. I wish I had known about Cake Maternity Bras and invested in a few of them.

Cake Maternity | Smoothing Seamfree Nursing Bra


Let’s be honest, when you have just had a baby the last thing you have time to think about is looking glam. So we need all the help we can get! Bring on the Spanx leggings and Gelish mani/pedi. A great bra that looks good, feels good and is functional for breastfeeding purposes almost feels like too much ask… Well, it’s not.

Cake Maternity Bras come in an array of colours and I just love the pops of colour and pattern in some of the linings. They also have a wide selection of styles – from Seamless to Contour to Underwire to Sleep bras, to name a few. I reckon the sleep ones would be comfortable for anyone to sleep in, not just pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

You’re welcome.




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Ragdale Hall and Clarins Mum and Me Time

Ragdale Hall and Clarins The kind folks at Ragdale Hall and Clarins recently invited me to enjoy an indulgent spa experience with a friend. Since my mum lives in South Africa, I invited my sister along for the Clarins Mother and Daughter Day. All I can say is that one day is not nearly enough time to fully experience all that there is to offer…

Let me start by saying that I am a huge Clarins fan. I use various Clarins products daily and have found it has worked really well with my skin, especially during and after pregnancy. I first became a Clarins fan when Selfridges sent me Clarins Double Serum for Mother’s Day and have since been hooked.

So off my sister and I ventured to Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire for a day of pampering. We were greeted with the friendliest hospitality you could imagine and after a quick cup of tea we changed into our bathrobes and chose to explore the venue ourselves. Jeepers it has pretty much everything a spa could have and then some. From the Candle Pool to the Waterfall Pool to relaxation and exercise classes to a full menu of treatments. The grounds are simply stunning and you could just spend a day alone reading a book on a bench.

We tucked into lunch (with some rose, of course!), took a dip in the pool and tried out the massage water jets, and then had our Clarins facial. Before we knew it we had to get ready to leave but we left feeling more relaxed and smelling lovelier than when we arrived.

Because were drove there and back from London for the day (crazy right?) we hardly got to sample most of what Ragdale Hall and Clarins has to offer. I would advise you to take your mum away for a weekend in order to truly relax and enjoy the full experience.

Ragdale Hall and Clarins Ragdale Hall and Clarins Ragdale Hall and Clarins Ragdale Hall and Clarins Ragdale Hall and Clarins Ragdale Hall and Clarins

Thanks to Ragdale Hall and Clarins for a memorable day!

The Clarins Mum and Me Time package at Ragdale Hall includes a Clarins Serenity Facial, Clarins skincare consultation, Clarins gift bag, three course buffet lunch and use of the spa facilities for the day. The package starts from £229 for two people and is valid until September 2015. Visit Ragdale Hall online to book a fabulous day for you and your mum and to see the exhaustive list of activities and treatments.


Disclaimer: The spa day was gifted by Ragdale Hall and Clarins. Opinions and words are my own.
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This Moment… Messy Play (And Eating)

This moment… 7.5.15

Argh… What a mess!

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have stood on a mushed piece of banana or a soggy breadstick that has become one with the floor. Yes, yes, yes, what else should I expect from a toddler and a baby. But to be honest I don’t mind the mess that much because it is an important mess.

Messy play, which includes messy eating, is a textural experience which is crucial to a child’s development. My girls are continually exploring their environment with all of their senses and I often find that when they start winging it is because they are bored of their ‘current environment’ and need something new to explore.

When it comes to eating, Bug was feeding herself with a spoon soon after she turned one. Her nursery was excellent at encouraging this (often messy) independence and I followed suit because the more that she can do for herself means the more I can do for myself.

I have now applied this to The Littlest and now plonk various soft foods in front of her and let her go wild. It will keep her quiet for at least 20 minutes, sometime way longer, and I can get on with something else.

Yes, it is a bit of a nightmare to clean up and I have to bath her after every meal (and sometimes myself) but since I’ve started doing it I have found that her motor skills have developed a lot and she is eating a broader spectrum of foods.

So why not give it a go? You’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain… like some mushed banana on your brand new espadrilles.



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Ralph Lauren Kids | The Spring Edit

The Glam Mummy Edit - Ralph Lauren Kids 1My friends and family will attest to the fact that Ralph Lauren Kids clothing regularly features in my girls’ wardrobes. With a Godmother in the fashion industry and a granny who is a huge Ralph Lauren fan, my girls have never been short of stylish and beautifully made outfits.

Ralph Lauren Kids has a bright and cheerful collection at the moment and if you take a look at their Spring Checklist you see some great finds for this time of year. I’ve had a browse myself and have pulled together a little basket of goodies for my girls:

The Big Sister

The Big Pony Cotton Shirt is a classic and my husband has a few of these bright ones himself. They are super comfy, breathable  and come in an array of bright colours which makes them a great staple for kids in spring/summer.

Pair any Ralph Lauren Kids shirt or blouse with these trendy Cutoff Jean Shorts for a fabulous summer outfit. Ripped jeans are all the rage at the moment and these shorts are backed with a pretty floral print.

The nautical-themed Jayde Flat Shoes are just adorable. Easy to slip on and would go with pretty much anything from a floral dress to white leggings. I wish they came in a mummy size!

Another piece that should come in a mummy size is the Geometric Webbed Belt. I may just buy two of them and loop them together so I can wear it myself.

The Glam Mummy Edit - Ralph Lauren Kids 2

The Little Sister

If it’s smocked, I want it. I have almost a dozen smocked dresses for my girls and this Floral Smocked Cotton Shirt would be a great addition for the Littlest.

Get the Cable-Knit Cashmere Sweater for the cooler mornings/evenings. I probably won’t put the Littlest down if she was dressed in this cuddly sweater.

Oh my greatness, the Leather Renita Sandal is too cute for words. Stylish, simple and silver for the super glam babe.

For the hot, sunny days in the garden or near the pool, the Hat & Diaper Cover is a must. This outfit, in a sweet floral design, will keep your little one cool and covered. But don’t forget the sunblock too!

Find these items and more online at Ralph Lauren Kids. Gorgeous garments for my girls! I can’t wait to do a Ralph Lauren Kids Summer Edit.


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Pommade Divine | Relaunched By Ex-Vogue Editor


The Glam Mummy Pommade Divine

I love a good lip balm as much as I love a bright nail polish. I’m actually quite stickler when it comes to what I put on my lips because I am always kissing my girls all over their kissable faces. And I want to look glam, of course. Pommade Divine is an excellent lip balm and more…

Dating back to the 18th century and originating in France, Pommade Divine has been used through the centuries by monks, royalty in Europe and even the common peasant. It also made its way across the Atlantic to America in the 1800’s. There were many different branded versions and people even made their own versions of the simple salve/ointment which can be used for a variety of maladies.

Also once known as Nanny’s Magic Ointment it was used in the nurseries of upper class children back in the day, which shows how effective yet gentle it is. It can be used for “dry skin, burns, rashes, itching, cracked nipples, blisters, sunburn and spots. It is made from 100% natural ingredients”.

The Glam Mummy Pommade Divine

The Glam Mummy Pommade Divine

And then all of a sudden it was gone. Former Vogue Editor, Diana Heimann, had used it all her life and as a mum on her 3 sons. Her husband, being a knight in shining armour, did some research and ended up buying the brand for his wife. Diana recently gained the support of Ania Macadam who has worked towards restoring the original recipe to ensure its “authenticity and efficacy”.

Ania says “Pommade Divine is remarkable because it is the only product that has been proven to work for over 300 years. I am excited to bring back this skincare must-have and hope to make Pommade Divine a household name once again.”

You can find nature’s remedy balm at Pommade Divine online, at Liberty London and Cult Beauty.


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Five Fabulous Things | Stationery Week Edit


Five fab things Stationery Week

I am a stationery lover. I could spend hours in the stationery aisle looking at all the arty crafty bits and pieces. I hoard all sorts of stationery, from beautiful leather notebooks with gold leaf embossing to a bag full of rubber bands. I don’t stop to think whether or not I actually need a particular piece of stationery, if I find something that piques my interest I will snap it up in a flash.

This week is Stationery Week and I have had heaps of fun pulling together Five Fabulous Things from two of my favourite stores – Paperchase and Anthropologie. (Clockwise from top right).

1. Watercolour Wishes Cards

Anthropologie has a collection of beautiful watercolour cards by Liz Temperley. Each has a short, quirky note beneath the artwork. The Flamingo card is by far my favourite since I think they are gloriously elegant creatures and just “Fabulous Darling”.

2. Jungle Fever Note Pad

I am an avid list maker and I go through note pads like its nobody’s business. This one comes in a set of 2 from Paperchase and the bright green leafy border is sure to brighten up any dull desk.

3. Jungle Fever Palm Tree Pen

Who doesn’t love a good novelty pen. Impossible to fit into a clutch and they make me write all funny but I still love them. I would stick this palm tree pen next to my hula hula Olaf from Frozen. (you know those dolls that sway their hips with movement).

4. Parisienne Pencil Case

When a pencil case is good enough to be a clutch bag you know you are on to a winner. This gorgeous Anthropologie piece comes in three different colours and it has a certain “je ne said quoi”…

5. Mercato Pineapple Writing Set

You can’t beat a handwritten letter unless its a handwritten letter on pineapple stationary with gold accents. Bravo Paperchase, this is sure to pull in some extra revenues for the post office.

Do you have any stationery week favourites?


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