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7 Totally Awesome Teepees for a Kid’s Room

What kid doesn’t love to play house? My girls are in and out of a mini circus tent we have standing in our family room. Apart from a perfect spot for “hide and seek”, it is also crammed full of dolls, books and pillows. And daddy has also had a nap in the girls’ tent.

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EMU Australia | The Summer Shoe Edit

The last time I wore my Emu Australia sheepskin boots I was trekking through a blizzard and wishing for warmer weather. Well, it felt like a blizzard but it was just a typical winter’s day in London and I was taking a short walk across the park to collect Bug from nursery. I haven’t used those waterproof, cosy boots in months and thought I’d only ever wear Emu Australia shoes in winter.

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This Moment… Do I Need These Heels?

Do I need these heels? “Probably not” you’d say. But my husband would say “Absolutely!”.

When you become a mum there are a lot of lifestyle changes. Nevermind the broken sleep and the shares you have bought in a dry shampoo brand because you use so much of the stuff that you reckon you may as well own part of the company.

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#TuesdayShoesday | 6 Sensational Espadrilles

Espadrilles are synonymous with summer. At the first hint of warmer weather (when we hit double digits in degrees Celsius) I placed an order for two fabulous pairs of Soludos. I slip them on as I dash out the door on the school run or to wander over to a coffee shop to meet friends. They are also great for hiding the fact I haven’t had a pedicure in weeks!

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The Best Way To Display Kids Art | 4 Easy Steps

A friend recently saw how I display kids art in our home and said that I HAVE to share this with my readers…

There is no denying how much we love our kids, despite their meltdowns, and every little artwork that they bring home is a treasured item. Until recently I had piles of toddler artwork that I carefully stored in a cupboard and I don’t know what to do with it all.

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Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream Launch

Rococo Chocolate has collaborated with Ice & Slice and have launched a lip-smacking range of ice cream. Rococo Chocolate ice cream is now available in a 8 flavours based on Rococo’s award-winning organic chocolate range. Earlier this year I met with Chantal... read more


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