Mother’s Day with Selfridges: Flowers from Philippa Craddock

Selfridges Flowers

Selfridges Mother's Day flowers

Find me a woman who does not like to receive a surprise delivery of flowers and I show you a woman who is completely insane. Flowers always brighten a room and a mood and they are probably one of the easiest and most obvious gifts to give on Mother’s Day. Selfridges some brilliant blooms that you can have delivered, as I found out…

In the middle of last week I received a cryptic email from the team at Selfridges telling me to keep my eyes peeled because a surprise was on the way. Towards the end of the day, a few wheels fell off due to an idiot at work and my good mood sank heavily to my toes. An email popped into my inbox telling me I had received a ‘Big Yellow Bag’ containing the most gorgeous bunch of flowers. I immediately called my husband to thank him for lifting my spirits and the poor guy though I had now completely lost it.

Selfridges flowers Mother's Day

I had forgotten all about the cryptic email from Selfridges earlier that day(thanks preggy brain) and was positively glowing when I saw the beautiful package. It was a gesture that came at the exactly the right moment and it just goes to show what a bunch of flowers can do for the soul. A later conversation with the husband revealed that he wished he had ‘admitted’ they were from him and taken all the glory. Cheeky!

Selfridges flowers Mother's Day

Thank you Selfridges for the glorious bunch of Philippa Craddock blooms which have filled my home with a delightful fragrance (the hyacinths) and continue to flourish for days.

Flowers brighten eveyones day, especially on Mother’s Day! I certainly am hoping for a bouquet on Mother’s Day. Take a look a the fabulous Selfridges flowers that you can order for delivery.

Want to see the Selfridges Mother’s Day gifts I received? FInd out more about the latest Acqua Di Parma fragrance and Clarins Double Serum.

xxx TGM xxx

 *Review: Products were gifted to TGM. Words and content are my own.

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Mother’s Day with Selfridges: Clarins Double Serum

Mother’s Day Selfridges Clarins Double Serum

Clarins Double serum review

Selfridges has loads of gifts for mums on Mother’s Day and browsing through their list of gifts is serious fun. From accessories to fragrances to flowers, you can’t go wrong and they all come wrapped in the signature bright yellow packaging. (It may be a pregnancy thing, but I am mad about yellow at the moment!)

Mother's Day Selfridges

I just love beauty products and am always keen to see the latest releases from beauty brands. Selfridges is one of the first places I look for beauty updates and trends and they stock Clarins which is a firm favourite of mine. Selfridges sent me the recently launched Clarins Double Serum to try which has been raved about by beauty editors from magazines and blogs alike and has therefore been at the top of my ‘gotta-get-it’ list.

Clarins Double serum review

Clarins Double Serum promises to be more than a just a serum and claims to be the only  intensive, anti-aging serum to boost the skin’s vital functions. It has a two-phase function that targets all aspects of the ageing of your skin in one pump of the bottle. The bottle actually consists of two separate halves and you can distinctly see two serums in the palm of your hand when you pump the nozzle.

Clarins Double serum review

After rubbing my palms together and applying Clarins Double Serum to my face, I first notice the beautiful fragrance. I was actually reluctant to apply moisturiser over the the serum as I wanted the fragrance to linger a bit longer and the serum feels like a moisturiser itself. I always rub any remaining serum on the back of my hands as this is one of the areas most neglected  women and it definitely tells your age. Then I apply moisturiser, as directed, in order to finish off my beauty regime.

I must say that the Clarins Double Serum does live up to its rave reviews. Being pregnant at the moment, my skin is taking a bit of a knock as a result of the hormones. I have noticed that this serum makes my skin appear brighter which is always a win in my book.

Add Clarins Double Serum to your Mother’s Day wishlist from Selfridges.

Take a further look at my Selfridges Mother’s Day gift box.

xxx TGM xxx

*Review: Products were gifted to TGM. Words and content are my own.

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Mother’s Day with Selfridges: The latest Acqua Di Parma fragrance

Acqua Di Parma

Selfridges Mother's Day

The folks at Selfridges can cater to all of your Mother’s Day needs. Whether you want to indulge in some treats, have your eye on the latest fashion item or just want to be pampered – look no further! Selfridges Mother’s Day gifts are at the top of every mum’s list.

Mother’s Day is around the corner and if you have not already done so, it is time to start dropping those not-so-subtle hints to your husband and kids. Unless you would like another pair of flannel slippers or a nondescript hand cream, now is the time to make a list of treats that pamper and allow you to indulge. Let’s be honest, us mums deserve it!

To help you make you list, I have a few beauty treats that you may like from Selfridges. Selfridges stocks all top beauty and fashion brands which makes it a perfect one stop shop when looking for gifts for to Mother’s Day. The gifts are beautifully packaged and can also be delivered.

My Selfridges Mother’s Day pamper box contains the latest treats from Clarins, Acqua Di Parma and Clinique. I am familiar with Clarins and Clinique products as I have used them for years. They are trusted beauty brands that have some fantastic products for all skin types and ages.

Selfridges Mother's Day

Instinctively, the first product I wanted to take a look at was the Acqua Di Parma fragrance. I often see Acqua Di Parma fragrances in stores, but as a creature of habit I tend to buy from the same brands. Well let me tell you, I should be a little more adventurous when it comes to choosing my next fragrance!

Selfridges Mother's Day

Acqua Nobile Gelsomino is the latest fragrance from Acqua Di Parma and it is just gorgeous. Its is light, floral and fresh – perfect for spring and summer. The most prominent tone that I pick up is Jasmine which reminds me of my childhood and especially my birthday as it always flowers at that time of year. My aunt tells me that she brought it to the hospital when I was born and so it is a smell that I have treasured for all of my life. My other fragrances will have to gather dust for a while as this Acqua Di Parma is now firmly at the top of my perfume list for spring – thanks to the Mother’s Day gift box I received from Selfridges.

Want to find out more about the other pampering treats in my Selfridges Mother’s Day giftbox? I will reveal them this week so keep your eyes peeled.

Acqua Nobile Gelsomino from Acqua Di Parma is available at Selfridges now.

You can also take a look at my Clarins Double Serum review.

xxx TGM xxx


*Review: Products were gifted to TGM. Words and content are my own.


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Maui Jim sunglasses: Aloha from Hawaii

Maui Jim sunglasses

Maui Jim sunglasses

Despite the cooler weather we have had some gloriously sunny days in London. These days are few and far between but are to be celebrated in style and I’ve got my brand spanking new Maui Jim sunglasses to do that!

Maui Jim sunglasses

I am an accessories girl and have over 20 pairs of sunglasses – to my husbands horror. I usually pick them up at duty free in airports on the way to a holiday destination and wear them to death over summer. I tend to keep a pair in various handbags, so that they are always at hand when out and about, as well as scattered around the house in drawers in case I need to grab a pair whilst dashing out the house.

Maui Jim sunglasses

Being a mum, my sunglasses style has adapted to my circumstances. They need to be durable – in case the fall into a certain someone’s hands. And they need to be glam – to spruce up any outfit on any given day. My Maui Jim sunglasses fall into both categories and I just love them. The style is Maile and the colour is Dark Tortoise. They come in a trendy woven case with a bright Hawaiian-themed dust pocket. Tortoise shell-type sunglasses are a perfect fit for most skin and hair types. They will suit pretty much any outfit and are as essential as a LBD in my opinion.

Maui Jim has an extensive range of sunnies, from sporty to trendy to aviators. They have both mens and womens sunglasses. You can buy your Maui Jim sunglasses online or at selected stores in the UK.

Bring on summer! Looking forward to long picnics in the park; warm, lazy weekends with friends and family; delicious BBQ’s and of course donning my favourite sunnies.

xxx TGM xxx

*Product review: Product was gifted to TGM. Words and content are my own.


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Shiffa White Tea Moisturiser

Shiffa white tea moisturiser

The Shiffa White Tea moisturiser has been integrated into my daily beauty regime over the past few weeks and I have been impressed by this little pot of luxury. I am a sucker for a hand written note and so became a fan of the people behind Shiffa beauty before I’d even opened the box. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and I started using the moisturiser daily to see how it fared on my skin.

I have been using my current beauty products for almost 10 years and whilst I don’t have problem skin, pregnancy and parenthood has it’s toll on what used to be a pretty straightforward beauty regime. I need quick fixes, products that work and little bit of pampering.

Shiffa white tea moisturiser

Shiffa White Tea moisturiser stands up to all of my asks with a great big tick next to the pampering box. One would expect the consistency of a great moisturiser to resemble a cold cream – rich and dense. But the Shiffa White Tea moisturiser is deceptively light, almost as if it has been whipped like cream on a sundae. It also has a distinctive fragrance, which I can’t quite put my finger on, but I now associate with this beauty product.

Shiffa white tea moisturiser

The woman behind this natural range is Dr. Lamees Hamdan,  who started off by creating one of their now star products, the Pregnancy Oil. Shiffa, which is headquartered in Dubai, now has a range of beauty products, from body polish to hair oil. The Pregnancy Oil and Healing Balm are two of the products that tickle my fancy as the appeal to the needs of a full time Glam Mummy! I will have to give them a go…

You can now get Shiffa White Tea moisturiser and other products from Selfridges.

What do you think of Shiffa beauty products?

xxx TGM xxx

* Product review: Product gifted to TGM for this review. Words and content are my own.

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The Model Method high intensity Pilates with Hollie

Have you tried The Model Method?  It is a combination of Pilates and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and will leave you breathlessly sweating after the first 5 minutes. And thats the warm up.

The Model Method

It is a hardcore (mind the pun!) and promises to transform your body within weeks. After just one session with Hollie I can believe it! Hollie has years of experience and developed The Model Method for her clients because “it strips fat, lengthens muscles and creates a lean physique”.

The session is based on timed intervals of HIIT with short recovery breaks and Pilates sessions concentrating on specific muscle groups. I learnt that I have muscles in my bottom that I didn’t know existed but I also learnt that I can almost skip continuously for one minute.

Why this type of exercise resonates with me is because it takes me back to the months of hard work trying to get back to my pre-baby weight. There is no quick-fix or secret to this other than hard work and swear. I wish I had known about The Model Method back then because I reckon Hollie would have whipped me into shape in half the time.

The Model Method

A new year, a new you as they say but how many of us have stuck to our New Year’s resolutions to fit back into those jeans or take on a healthier lifestyle? Often the only thing stopping us is ourselves and if this is the case then you have to give this a go. Hollie is a great motivator and if you take a look at The Model Method website for the results.

Contact Hollie for further information regarding The Model Method. She does 1:1 sessions as well as small groups and can train you in the comfort of your home, at the office if presses for time or the studios in Angel and Fulham.

Hollie is also trained in pre- and post-natal exercise which is great for those of us who can’t just yet participate in high intensity exercise or core work.

xxx TGM xxx

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My Motherhood: the moments that have defined me

Towards the end of last year the fabulous beauty brand Mama Mio asked me to share my thoughts on My Motherhood. It is very easy to think of lists of things that I have learnt as a mother and where this journey has taken me. I can change my daugthers nappy in any bathroom cubicle without her touching the floor and I can do just about anything with only one free hand.

But this request from Mama Mio made me sit back and think about how I would describe my motherhood. Which moments defined me as a mother? What are the moments that make me sit back and say to myself “Oh my goodness, I’m her mummy!” and “How incredibly lucky am I?”

The glam mummy

My little Bug

And this is what I wrote:

“My motherhood began with a kick to the stomach in the middle of yoga class. I thought it was a muscle twitching but nope it was my baby girl saying ‘Hi mama!’

It is overwhelming. I am the first of my close friends to embark on this journey and you don’t know what you don’t know until it happens.

It is an adventure. I never thought I’d be wiping meals off walls and hunting for my hidden jewellery. And don’t get me started on teething and tantrums.

It is watching her mimic me. She brushes her hair, plays with my make up brushes, rearranges my shoes and takes a quick glance in the mirror before leaving the bedroom.

It is gentle moments together. Our Eskimo kisses, long embraces in the morning and singing ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’.

It is filled with colourful expression. Our home is filled with shrieks of laughter, glitter and handprints, and lots of dancing. We dance in the kitchen, in the bath, up and down the stairs.

My motherhood is a blessing, an endless joy, a lot of hard work and I manage to do it in heels (sometimes)!”

You can check out my post on the Mama Mio blog as well as other great posts by other fabulous mamas. Tell us about your motherhood!

xxx TGM xxx

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Happy (belated) New Year!

Footprints in the sand

Footprints in the sand – Mama and Bug

Well, yes, Glam Mummy has been away a short while but at least my ‘Happy New Year’ is just in time for the Chinese New Year which is around the corner.

Where have you been?

By the time I reached the end of 2013 I was a hamster running 100 miles an hour on a little wheel (my life) that was smoking at the rims. 2013 was an absolute blast and so may wonderful things had happened:

  • I started a blog and through it I met great people and brands, made some wonderful friends and found something that I can call my own. I just love it and the freedom it allows me in terms of taking it where I want to go and all the love I get back in return from all of you.
  • I returned to work full-time which is what I had always planned to do. To be honest, my last few months of maternity leave were quite tedious and I grew tired of the monotony. Some could say I got myself into a bit of a rut and although I was never unhappy, I needed some stimulation. I have worked for the same firm for 8 years and it was my daily routine during the week so I wasn’t surprised when I started looking forward to returning to work. But whoa! It is another ball game being a working mum. I have so much respect for the mums out there who have some sort of a work-life balance as I am still working on that part. Any advice?
  • I enrolled my daughter in nursery and this has been one of the curveballs of motherhood I did not see coming. My head knew that it was the best option for our family with both parents working full time. My head knew that it was the best possible nursery we could afford in our area. My head knew that she absolutely loves it and has thrived. But my heart fell apart a little. There have been tears in the bathroom at work because of the immense guilt I have inflicted upon myself as a mum  wanting to do her best.

As you can see, 2013 had its highs, lows and a whole lot of fabulous moments BUT I was exhausted by the end of it!

The sun, the sea and the girls

The sun, the sea and the girls

What I needed was a break. Some time off for some R&R and alone time with my husband and daughter. We packed our bags for a warmer climate and spent a month travelling around South Africa and Mauritius. We went on safari and to the beach and spent time being quiet. I bought an 821 page book (The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton) and sat on my ass as often as I could. I ate heaps of fresh, summer food and drank more champagne that I probably needed to on New Years Eve. I began 2014 refreshed, rejuvenated and revived!

Londolozi safari

Going on safari – our chariots await

And then what happened?

We arrived back in London after a 12 hour flight to our house resembling a construction site. I just about lost my mind with anger as there were open bags of cement in the hallway, a workbench balancing on the ottoman at the end of our bed and a fine layer of dust covering just about every surface in the house. The builders that we had contracted to refit two bathrooms and replace every window in our house during the 4 weeks we were away. Not one iota of the project was complete by the time we got back.

The state of our house...

The state of our house…

We spent a week with three of us crammed in the guest bed, two weeks wearing slippers to keep our feet clean and almost three weeks later we still have men working in our house. We still have not unpacked our holiday bags in order to spare clean clothes from the dirt. Not cool! But the silver lining is that we get to see the progress of the house and raise our concerns when something doesn’t look right. Much to the dismay of the project manager.

So the start of 2014 was bumpy but we are back in our groove and I’m ready to rock ‘n roll. Hopefully we will be able to unpack our holiday bags sometime soon…

xxx TGM xxx



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Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell heels :: Tuesday is Shoe Day

Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell Heels

Charlotte olympia Jingle Bell Heels

Charlotte Olympia :: Jingle Bell Dolly Courts

Today’s pick for the shoe of the day are the Charlotte Olympia Jingle Bell heels. And how appropriate as Christmas is just a day away!

If I was Mrs Claus for a day, these would be the shoes I would wear. Even though I am not the better half of a rotund, jolly man with a beard, I would still wear these shoes with some jolly festive spirit. Soft red velvet heels with a glint of gold, yes please!

You can find the Jingle Bell Dolly shoes at Selfridges.

xxx TGM xxx

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ASOS Twickenham Shoe Boots :: Tuesday is Shoe Day

ASOS Twickenham Shoe Boots

 Asos Twickenham shoe boots


ASOS :: Twickenham Shoe Boots

The shoe of the day today is these gorgeous ASOS boots which has a stiletto heel and sheer panels.

When winter arrives we whip out our boot collection but these can be quite plain and simple. I find people tend to be less bold in winter and even if there are pops of colour they are covered up by a big black coat. These boots will add a different dimension to your wardrobe with your feet saying “made you look!”.

You can get these sheer panelled Twickenham boots from ASOS.

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