Kids Room | A Gentle Giraffe in a Room of Blue


Throughout 2014 our home went through some major construction and I spent endless hours during that period looking at interior design sites for inspiration. Since I was pregnant at the time with my second girl, I was going through the crazy nesting phase but couldn’t actually do anything about it because of all the contraction work. So, all my interior decor research was bottled up for a year before I could actually apply the inspiration to my home. Months on, I still find myself looking for decor inspiration and one of my favourite things is kids rooms.


Today, this kids room jumped out at me and I just had to share it with you. Now, I love a big bold print wallpaper but I’ve never had the balls to do it in my own home for the fear that it could go horribly, horribly wrong. I also fear that after a while you could get sick of it and need a change which is not that practical to do on an ongoing basis.

Nevertheless, I just love this bedroom for kids. I find the blue quite refreshing and the by making up curtains in the same print as the wallpaper, the pattern envelopes the entire room.


The clever use of fuschia accessories, such as the mirror and stools, breaks up the blue and adds a splash of fun colour.

But most of all, I love this guy… The gentle giraffe!



{images via Liz Caan Interiors}

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Maison Michel | My latest obsession


You know when you see a woman wearing something totally awesome that you want to snatch it off them and run in the other direction? Well, I had one of those moments just last week walking up Bond Street on the way to meet a friend for lunch. A woman, who looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine, was wearing a fashionista ensemble that I cannot even recall because I was transfixed on her hat.

It was a light grey felt hat with a wide brim and what appealed to me the most that even though it was so simple, I could see from a distance that it was well made. I noticed that it had a black “M” on it as the woman walked past me and that was that, she was gone.

After lunch with my friend, I took a stroll through Burlington Arcade to get out of the rain. Low and behold, there was an ENTIRE shop with the hats with “M” on them, like I was meant to find them. And that is how I found out about MAISON MICHEL hats.

Fashion houses such as Chanel, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, Laroche, Lanvin and Christian Lacroix have featured Maison Michel pieces in their collections since the 1980’s. Maison Michel was taken over by Chanel in 2006 and if you can’t afford the made to measure service then you can pick up a ready-to-wear hat from, or Here are a few more hats from the latest collection to lust over…


Maison Michel | Andre Straw Trilby

Maison Michel | Kate Felt

Maison Michel | Kate Felt Hat

Maison Michel

Maison Michel | Charlotte Felt and Straw Hat

Maison Michel | Henrietta Felt and Straw Hat

Maison Michel | Henrietta Felt and Straw Hat

Maison Michel | Charlotte Felt Trilby

Maison Michel | Charlotte Felt Trilby

Do you have a favourite Maison Michel hat?

xxx TGM xxx

{photos via, and}

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Five Fabulous Things || From Bob Dylan Inspo to THAT Wrap Dress

Five fab things 20.2.15

Clockwise from top…

Personalised Joolz Bumper Bar

My fabulous friends at Joolz sent me my very own personalised bumper bar. Seeing as I have two little girls, I didn’t want to put the name of just one of them on the bar. So I thought I’d put something inspiring on my bar. I chose a bold, bright colour that lifts the grey fabric of my Joolz pushchair and chose the words FOREVER YOUNG which is the title of one of my favourite songs sung by Bob Dylan.

This DVF dress is TDF!

To Die For, that is. After seeing snippets from the latest Diane Von Furstenberg NYFW show, I was inspired to take a look at the current collection available in stores and online. My oh my the Queen of the Wrap Dress is a genius (this is not a new revelation) and if I had the resources I’d get one of everything. First on my list would be this black and white Tallulah dress which is ah-mazing which you can get from

Babysitters of Kensington and Chelsea (BOKAC)

This week I shared with you that I am a fan of BOKAC. They gave me a complimentary session with one of their sitters and my husband and I jumped at the chance for a date night. I have just booked with them again for a night out (to get my glam on!) this weekend

Ride Republic and Tanya’s open in Parsons Green

Yaaaaay! A state of the art spin studio, Ride Republic, is opening up this coming week AND the studio will have a Tanya’s Cafe. I am especially excited as it is a hop, skip and a jump from my house and I am looking forward to spinning sessions followed by delicious cold-pressed juices and super healthy snacks. It opens on 23 February at 709 Fulham Road. See you there.


Cashmirino is a fabulous children’s wear brand that uses the finest fabrics from cashmere to cotton to linen. It originated in Italy and there is now a London store in the Burlington Arcade, just off Bond Street. I happened to wander through the Burlington Arcade just yesterday and took a look at the fine Cashmirino pieces. They are gorgeous!


xxx TGM xxx

{photos via, TGM archives and associated PR companies}

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Want to Win an Armadillo Flip XT Pushchair?

Armadillo Flip XT

Mama’s and Papa’s are giving one lucky blogger an Armadillo Flip XT to give away to one of their readers. All you have to do is go to Mama’s and Papa’s Facebook page and vote for the blogger (me, me, me!!!!) you’d like to win.

Follow this link to the M&P Facebook page to vote.

The Armadillo Flip XT is a fab pushchair that folds in two easy steps and is so compact, in fact it is the most compactly folded pushchair in its class. I am really enjoying using mine to run around with during the day and it has A LOT of storage for shopping! Take a look at What I Thought About the Amradillo Flip XT.

I would love to be able to give this pushchair away to one of my fabulous readers so be sure to hop on over to the M&P Facebook page and vote for your favourite pic (me, me, me!!!). The mummy bloggers have taken some awesome pics showing off their Armadillo Flip XT and I wish them all the best of luck!

xxx TGM xxx


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(BOKAC) Babysitters of Kensington and Chelsea


I have so much respect for women who set up their own businesses when they see a gap in the market because of the sheer commitment and effort it must require to follow your dream. One such person is Anna Cameron, who founded Babysitters of Kensington and Chelsea (BOKAC) in 2011. She saw through her own babysitting experience that there was huge demand for local, reliable and experienced babysitters and when she couldn’t fulfil the demand on her own she established BOKAC.


Wonderful Anna Cameron

Anna has personally selected each of the babysitters on BOKAC’s books and she manages and responds to all the babysitting requests herself. With a flat rate of £10 an hour and an easy-to-use online booking system, I think that this is a great service for parents who need a night off. In fact, hubs and I took a night off last week thanks to a wonderful BOKAC sitter named Grace who arrived promptly at 7.15pm. After a great dinner and maybe a little too much wine, we got home to a quiet house and Grace holding fort.

So what stands BOKAC apart from other babysitter agencies?

Well, in Anna’s words:

“1. Brilliant babysitters – Our sitters join on completion of our strict registration procedures;

2. Review before you book – Each sitter has an online profile detailing their childcare experience, availability and interests;

3. Book and pay in advance – Parents book their appointments at their convenience and pay online, eliminating the need for cash;

4. Local babysitters – So their are no travel expenses to cover

5. No hidden fees – We charge a flat rate per hour. There are no booking or subscription fees to pay.”

Take a look at or register with BOKAC online.

xxx TGM xxx


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Baking with Betty Crocker


You may or may not know that each and every Friday my little Bug and I bake. It is her special time with mummy where we get messy, have fun and eat loads of sugar. Since toddlers have the attention span of a goldfish, we don’t time to weigh and measure all the ingredients ourselves nor do we follow a long, complicated recipe. I need something that is quick, easy and will be ready to eat within an hour of us starting the activity.

That is why I always have a stash of baking supplies that make our baking session straightforward and still allows Bug to get involved in all aspects of the recipe. I have a box filled with all the sprinkles a two year old could wish for and an array of food colourings to jazz up any cake. But my secret weapon is a pre made mix, which only requires eggs, oil and water (quantities vary according to what you are baking). Betty Crocker has a great range of cake, brownie and cookie mixes that are great for getting toddlers involved because they are easy to follow and pretty quick to do.

Purple Cookies with Sprinkles

Betty Crocker Betty Crocker Betty Crocker Betty Crocker

The Betty Crocker team sent over some goodies for us to bake and boy did we have a blast. After unpacking the box, Bug had a quick squizz at the baking options and decided she wanted “purple cookies with sprinkles”. Not a problemo my darling, Betty Crocker and I have it sorted.

It took about 10 minutes for Bug and I to make the cookie dough (by adding 2 tables spoons of water to the mix), roll the cookie dough into balls (great for toddler development), slightly squish the balls and pop them in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Whilst they were baking, this Glam Mummy whipped up some purple icing and Bug chose her sprinkles. Once the cookies had cooled, we she iced them and sprinkled them and hey presto! Purple cookies with sprinkles.

Valentines Day cupcakes

Betty Crocker Betty Crocker Betty Crocker Betty Crocker

In another one of our baking sessions with Betty Crocker cake mixes, we made Valentines Day cupcakes for Daddy. I found this idea on Pinterest and I’ll admit that I probably need a bit more practice but I am still sort of chuffed with the result. So the cupcakes are meant to have a hidden red heart in the middle but ours ended up having a hidden red blob – epic Pintrest fail. But the sentiment is there and Daddy loved them!

To make them (hopefully more successfully than our first attempt) you need Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cake mix and to bake it in really thin sheets. You will need to keep an eye on the baking time because it will be quite a bit less than the bake time on the box. Use a toothpick to check if it is done, it should come out clean. Once cooled, use a heart shape cookie cutter and collect as many Red Velvet hearts as you can before your child eats them.

Next, make up the Classic Vanilla mix and pour a little bit into the cupcake case. Then stand up the Red Velvet heart in the cupcake batter. Once the hearts have been placed into the cupcake cases, carefully fill them up with the Classic Vanilla mix. Only fill them about 3/4 full because the mixture will rise. I figured out that my hearts ended up more as blobs because they rose with the mixture and you will need to put a little of the Classic Vanilla mix on top of the hearts to anchor them and ensure they keep their shape.

Pop them in the oven and check on them now and then. They will be ready with they start to go slightly golden and a toothpick comes out clean once inserted. Let them cool, ice them with buttercream frosting and let your little one go crazy on the sprinkles. Yum yum!

There are loads of baking mix options at Betty Crocker.

xxx TGM xxx

Betty Crocker

Pintrest fail – the red blob is meant to be a heart.

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Mama’s & Papa’s Armadillo Flip XT | The Big Little Stroller

Armadillo Flip XtMama’s and Papa’s has launched the Armadillo Flip XT which they are calling “the revolutionary big little stroller”. It folds and opens in seconds with only using one hand. It has the most compact fold in it’s class yet is spacious enough for wriggle room. And it can be used from birth up to four years. For this class of stroller, this is as good as it gets and I haven’t seen anything like it!

Mama’s & Papa’s sent me an Armadillo Flip XT to try out for myself. Naturally, my hubs ripped the package open before I could say “armadillo” and set about testing the new pushchair with our toddler in tow. I noticed that he hadn’t even glanced at the instruction booklet and had somehow managed to figure out how to collapse the Armadillo Flip and stand it upright again within minutes of him laying his hands on the stroller. The man of the house was impressed. Tick.

Once he went off to work and my toddler was at nursery, I set myself the challenge of collapsing the Armadillo Flip XT myself. This is a challenge in itself as I am useless (and lazy) when it comes to collapsing any buggy and I never actually fold them away. If I ever need to take the car anywhere, I pick them up and plonk them in the back of our car in their standing position (we have a 4×4).

If folding the Armadillo Flip XT unassisted and on my own wasn’t enough of a challenge, the rebel in me decided to throw common sense to the wind and I decided to attempt to fold the Armadillo Flip XT without reading the instruction booklet too. AND, I was going to attempt it in heels.

Well, bowl me over with a balloon, I did it! Folding the Armadillo Flip XT is actually quite common-sensicle. Lift/push the brightly coloured knobs (lime/yellow colour) and the pram starts moving towards the position it needs to be in to fold. Same goes for putting it back to a standing position. Obviously, if I had read the instructions I would have been able to do it in fewer seconds but what I am trying to highlight is that it is super easy to manoeuvre.

Armadillo Flip

Armadillo Flip XT with XXXL hood

Armadillo Flip Xt Armadillo Flip Xt Armadillo Flip Xt

So, what appeals to me the most about the Armadillo Flip XT?

  • It folds up in a jiffy and it’s super easy to do. The 2 way easy-fold technology is actually patented. The pram folds and opens with one hand, no matter which way the seat is facing.
  • It folds up really small. You could actually fold it up in a cafe/restaurant and put it in a corner. Apparently the fold is “the smallest in its class, fits easily into a Fiat 500″
  • The hood is mahoosive and it pretty much covers the entire seat which is perfect for a sleeping tot. Plus there is a window/vent to check on the tot.
  • The storage basket beneath the seat huge and is easy to access from all angles due to the stretchy fabric. I was able to fit a whole load of necessities in the storage basket (nappy bag, shopping bag, scooter and helmet, Peppa Pig umbrella, gift for a friend).

Armadillo Flip Xt Armadillo Flip Xt

The Armadillo Flip comes in a range of colours and there is a variety of accessories (foot muff, car seat, etc.). It has an excellent price point considering all that it can do. To find out more and see a demo of how easy it is to fold take a look at the Mama’s & Papa’s Armadillo Flip XT.

xxx TGM xxx

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Five Fabulous Things || From Guilt-Free Banana Muffins To Stella McCartney Kids

Five fab things 30.1.15

Guilt-free banana muffins

For those of you who are sugar-free, dairy-free and/or gluten-free but still like a yummy treat, try out this recipe. All the ingredients you need are in the picture above and they are a cinch to make. You can find the recipe here.

Sophie Ellis Bexter for Phase Eight

The Phase Eight Spring/Summer campaign launched this Wednesday with Sophie Ellis Bexter as the face of the brand. It is the first time Phase Eight has had a celebrity ambassador since Yasmin Le Bon in 2004. They add “Shot by Damien Weilers, the soft lighting and floral surroundings look to complement the feel of the collection and the warmth of  our boutique style stores.”

The dress she is wearing in this shot is the is the Ariel Lace Dress which has a bit of stretch to fit your figure and a beautiful scalloped hem for some elegance.

Pesky Beauty Issues

I found this useful article on for tips on tackling 5 pesky beauty issues. Baking soda plus old toothbrush to remove tacky yellow from polish stained finger/toenails – who knew? I must say, I find baking soda probably one of the most useful things that hangs out in my kitchen cupboards. Will have to try this one out. Take a look at the link for more useful tips for things like crazy brows and dry elbows.

The Sisterhood of Motherhood

This week Simlac, a baby formula company, released a very honest ad that aimed to highlight that despite our different beliefs we are all parents first. So put down your fingers and stop wagging them in front of other mums’ (and dads’) faces.

They say “We believe it’s time to embrace mothers who choose to embrace motherhood. Time to put down the fingers and the subtle suggestions. Because no two of us are the same, but we’re all in this together. The sisterhood has only one rule. Nourish each other the same way we nourish our children. And, just like the sister who’s got your back, we’re there to help you get through the first few days and months of motherhood with confidence — and zero judgment. The way it should be.”

Hoorah! You can watch the ad that went viral here.

Stella McCartney Kids Cherry Boots

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how much fun these Stella McCartney Kids cowboy boots are for little girls. Made from faux leather and covered in cherry starts, they will jazz up any outfit from jeggings to a dress and can transition easily from winter into summer too. I can see the my little Bug walking round in circles  just to make the tassels sway back and forth. Come to think of it, I’d probably do the same thing if they cam in an adult size.


xxx TGM xxx

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Petal & Cycle || They’re Bringing Flowers Back

Petal & Cycle

I’m having one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?!?” moments, thanks Richa Ballah who is the founder of Petal & Cycle. She recently launched the environmentally-friendly flower delivery service that will deliver flowers to your door (or a lucky someone) within 90 minutes.

The Petal & Cycle website is really easy to navigate, with a four vibrant bouquet options to choose from each month. You select your bouquet (each are named and have a special meaning), go to checkout and hey presto it will be delivered by bicycle within 90 minutes. Also, there is no added delivery fee.

Petal & Cycle

Friendliest Delivery Guy On a Bike

Petal & Cycle

Richa kindly sent me The Mimsee bouquet which in the language of flowers apparently represents ‘joy’. And boy, this bouquet really does brighten up a gloomy, cold, wet day like today. An hour after confirming my order, my beautiful bunch of blooms was delivered by the friendliest guy who was so concerned about my bare feet on the wet pavement as I took his picture.

I love the contrast of the orange pincushion protea’s with my navy blue office walls. In fact, the pincushion protea is one of my favourite flowers because apart from their obvious beauty, they come from my homeland South Africa and they last (almost) forever in a vase.

Petal & Cycle

Pincushion Proteas – One of My Favourite Flowers

Petal & Cycle

Richa Bhalla’s says that Petal & Cycle was “started to reinvigorate traditional flower gifting practices by creating bold bouquets to encourage people to “send a REAL message” instead of hiding behind innocuous text messages and other more passive forms of communication.”

With Valentines Day around the corner, Petal & Cycle is a great option that won’t cost the earth. The bouquet’s start at £28 and bicycle delivery means that it’s there is no carbon footprint.

Petal & Cycle

The Petal & Cycle Gimble is perfect for Valentine’s Day

Please note that as this is a new (and growing) business and they currently only deliver to central London at the moment. If you have a special request, do get in touch and I’m pretty sure they will do all they can to accommodate it.

Get in touch with Petal & Cycle for fast flower by bicycle.

xxx TGM xxx



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Phase Eight Bridal || SS15 Launch

Phase Eight Bridal

Phase Eight Bridal recently showcased their SS15 range and I joined them at their James Street (London) store to take a look at what they have in store this season. I married Mr Amazing few years back and remember all too well my search for THE dress. I still love to browse wedding gowns and secretly wish I could get married all over again (to the same man of course!).

So what can you expect from the Phase Eight Bridal SS15 range? Glitz and glam, I’d say. Many of the gowns have gorgeous beading in pewter, silver or pearl-coloured hues. The dresses are form-fitting without the stiff boning that some wedding gowns have and therefore appear to be more comfortable for the girl who wants something that flows and moves easily (especially on the dance floor).

Also, for the budget-conscious, these dresses have a very good price point. They range from £250 to £750 for the wedding dresses. They also have a range of bridal accessories, from veils to shoes to beaded belts which will add something special and personalise the dress.

Phase Eight Bridal Phase Eight Bridal

I picked out a few favourites…

Hope Wedding Dress

This wedding dress was my top pick of the bunch and I picked up from the rest of the guests that it was a firm favourite amongst us. The Phase Eight Hope Wedding dress us fully beaded and has beautiful finishes, not to mention the detailed art-deco style waistband.


Phase Eight Bridal

Phase Eight Bridal: Beautiful Beaded Finishes

Florentine Wedding Dress

I love the Phase Eight Florentine wedding dress because it short yet still glam and elegant. Perfect for the less casual wedding, perhaps in a warmer climate or for a summer wedding. Or even as a second dress to change into once the dance floor gets buzzing and the bride doesn’t want to destroy her beautiful train on her floor length wedding gown.


Phase Eight Bridal

Phase Eight Bridal: Beaded Floral Lace Applique

Pearl Cape

This a fabulous accessory to jazz up a simple gown or to take a wedding gown from day to evening. This Phase Eight Pearl Cape will rest gently on your shoulders and still allow you to see your beautiful gown yet add something different.

Phase Eight Bridal

Phase Eight Bridal: Strings of Scalloped Pearls

In case you didn’t know, Phase Eight Bridal has ‘By Appointment’ venues at London James Street, Winchester and Edinburgh, where you can try on the gorgeous gowns.  Alternatively, you can order your gown online for delivery or click and collect from one of the Phase Eight Bridal stores. Why don’t you check out the Phase Eight Wedding Boutique online.

Phase Eight Bridal

xxx TGM xxx

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