Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream Launch

Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream TGM

Rococo Chocolate has collaborated with Ice & Slice and have launched a lip-smacking range of ice cream. Rococo Chocolate ice cream is now available in a 8 flavours based on Rococo’s award-winning organic chocolate range.

Earlier this year I met with Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo Chocolates and her wonderful team. She has, by the way, the only OBE that has ever been awarded for chocolate but is so humble that she hardly mentions it. She the master of chocolate in London and soon after I met her I shared why Rococo Chocolate is Top of the Chocs.

In the midst of me attempting to cut out all sugar from my diet (because I have a massive post-pregnancy sweet tooth that I am trying to manage) I received an invitation to sample all 8 of the Rococo Chocolate ice cream flavours at their Belgravia store on Motcomb Street.  Needless to say, I postponed my sugar detox to a more convenient time because no woman in her right mind would give up an opportunity to taste Chantal’s Rococo Chocolate ice cream flavours.

Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream TGM

Smothered in Salted Chocolate Toffee Sauce and Choc Nibs

Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream TGM

Decadent Toppings: From Crystallised Ginger to Freeze-Dried Raspberries. I sampled them all!

Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream TGM Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream TGM Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream TGM Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream TGM Rococo Chocolate Ice Cream TGM


Cardamom & Pistachio White Chocolate (very popular with the other tasters)

Anglesey Sea Salt Milk Chocolate (hands down my favourite!)

Honeycomb Crunch Milk Chocolate (second runner-up for me)

Mint Dark Chocolate

Basil & Persian Lime Dark Chocolate

Crystallised Ginger Dark Chocolate

SORBET FLAVOURS – both are dairy-free and soon will be honey-free making them as vegan as you can get.

Raspberry Sorbet

Dark Chocolate Sorbet (creamier and richer than you would expect)

Pop in to the Rococo Chocolate stores and try out the new ice cream flavours. The one scoop 100 ml tub cost £3.50 and the three scoop 250ml tub £7.50.


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Lalaloopsy Tinies | Sew Tiny… Sew Cute

Lalaloopsy Tinies and TGM

Way back when I was a kid, I collected every toy that was a collectible. From yo-yo’s to stickers to little babies with nappies that would change colour. It’s no wonder, therefore, that I am totally smitten with the new Lalaloopsy Tinies.

Lalaloopsy Tinies and TGM Lalaloopsy Tinies and TGM

Lalaloopsy Tinies are miniature versions of the popular Lalaloopsy dolls. They are about an inch high and there is a wonderful assortment of characters and animals. When Bug wasn’t looking I swiped the little fairy from the pack of dolls and she now sits on the windowsill in my office and keeps me company.

Lalaloopsy Tinies and TGM

Lalaloopsy Tinies and TGM Lalaloopsy Tinies and TGM Lalaloopsy Tinies and TGM

What makes these sweet little things extra special is that they are designed to be sewn together to make fun charm bracelets. And since there are over 150 characters to collect, there are endless possibilities of bracelets for kids to design.

Lalaloopsy Tinies Deluxe Packs include nine characters and a bonus surprise character. The deluxe pack retails for £9.99. Lalaloopsy Tinies dolls are also available in packs of three that retail for around £3.49. You can find them at Argos and Toys R Us.

Please note that this toy is suitable for ages from 4 – 8 years old. Bug is just under 3 years of age so I have happily adopted the troop and they are now across my desk.

Signature*This toy was gifted. Words and opinions are my own.


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Jo Loves | New Candle Shot Studio By Jo Malone


Jo Malone, the creative powerhouse behind Jo Loves, has launched the world’s first Candle Shot Studio. Now you can be part of the creative process and create your own bespoke Jo Loves Shot Candle.

I love Jo Malone, not only is she an artist with fragrances but she is also a self-made woman for whom I have endless respect. I met her last year at an event at her Jo Loves store (she even gave me a hand massage!!!) and have been following her Jo Loves innovations closely,

The Jo Loves Shot Candle is great as a gift with a personal touch. I often will agonise over birthdays of those near and dear to me to ensure that I give something meaningful and this is a gift that even my eldest daughter can get involved in choosing. In three simple steps you can create your own bespoke fragranced candle.

Step 1

Select a base for your Shot Candle:



Step 2

Select a Shot:

Jo_Loves_Candle_Shot_StudioJo_Loves_Candle_Shot_StudioStep 3

Combine your fragrances. I chose a fig base with a petitgrain shot, mmmmmm delicious!


The Shot Candle is such an exciting innovation which we create together. This is the first time I have designed a product which invites you to become part of the creative process and make a candle unique to you.” – Jo Malone

They retail for £75 and you can order them the Jo Loves Candle Shot Studio online.


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Papouelli Parsons Green | New Store Opening

Papouelli TGM

Welcome to the neighbourhood Papouelli Parsons Green! The much loved children’s shoe brand, has recently opened up a new store on New Kings Road. I joined the owners and a few other glam ladies for some tasty delights and a bit of pampering at their new location.

Started in 2003, the founders say that their “aim at Papouelli is to create shoes that are beautiful, classically timeless but with a contemporary edge, not forgetting that children are children, so the shoes must be practical.” And they have done just that. Take a look a just a few of their wonderful creations for little feet.

Papouelli TGM Papouelli TGM Papouelli TGM

Papouelli TGM

The beautifully designed Papouelli shoes for boys and girls are made from the finest quality products and are classic as well as trendy. The sizes start from itty-bitty baby sizes all the way up to larger children’s sizes (38 – 45), which means I could get a pair of the animal print sandals for myself!

Papouelli TGM Papouelli TGM

Papouelli have also recently included a small clothing collection which is gorgeous and beautifully made, in line with the shoe collection. The Papouelli owners, Maggie, Nicole and Felicia, had stated that they added the clothing items to provide a complete look to their customers and I am positive it will grow to be as successful as the shoe brand.

After sampling the tasty delights at Papouelli Parsons Green, I was whisked downstairs where manicures, feathers and more fabulous conversation was on offer. Having never had a feather in my hair before, I opted to accessorise my locks with a black and white plume and a beautiful braid (thanks Jas from Hari’s Hairsalon!).

Papouelli TGM Papouelli TGM IMG_6829

You can visit the new Papouelli Parsons Green store at:
187 New Kings Road
London SW6 4SW
Phone: +44 (0)207 7313 315


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Filofax Refillable Notebook Review | Organiser For Mums

Filofax refillable notebook TGM

I love stationery more than most things on earth. I also love lists, which is useful when you love stationery as they go hand in hand. Sometimes I love a notebook so much that I can’t bear to write lists in it because I know that one day the lists will fill the notebook up  and I will have to toss it away. The Filofax Refillable Notebook solves that problem nicely. It’s stylish, highly functional and I’ll never have to chuck it away because it is refillable.

Filofax refillable notebook TGM-2 Filofax refillable notebook TGM Filofax refillable notebook TGM Filofax refillable notebook TGM

Nifty Features

Often I am leaning on my lap or handbag which makes writing in a notebook awkward. The Filofax Refillable Notebook folds flat and back-to-back which makes it easier for me to write lists whilst on the run or take notes at busy events.

The Filofax Refillable Notebook comes in 6 colours (and I plan on collecting all of them). It has a leather look cover and elastic closure when ensures that it stays in one piece when floating at the bottom of my handbag or nappy bag.

As the name mentions, the Filofax Refillable Notebook can be refilled. You can also add, remove and reposition the pages which is really helpful when prioritising items and arranging your thoughts.

Take a look online at Filofax Refillable Notebooks. You can also find them at most good stationery stores.


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My Ellas Box | Weaning With Ella’s Kitchen

Weaning with Ellas Kitchen TGM

Baby weaning is a mine field of squashed banana and squidged sweet potato. Which is why I was thrilled to discover Ella’s Kitchen when Bug reached the weaning stage and the Ella’s Kitchen range has been a staple in our pantry ever since. Weaning with Ella’s Kitchen saves you time (and mess) and is 100% good for little people.

The team at Ella’s Kitchen heard I was weaning The Littlest (who is now 9 months old) and sent my tot her very own Ella’s Box. After the girls had their afternoon naps, I told them that there was a treat waiting for them in the kitchen. Even though it was a weaning box for The Littlest, I told Bug that it was for them both to prevent a world-class tantrum. So, being the quickest, Bug got to the Ella’s Box first but carefully carried it to the floor so both of them could dig in.

Weaning with Ellas Kitchen TGM Weaning with Ellas Kitchen TGM Weaning with Ellas Kitchen TGM Weaning with Ellas Kitchen TGM Weaning with Ellas Kitchen TGM

The box contained bright, colourful toys and a range of tasty snacks which the girls dug into within moments of seeing them. The Grab Me Melty Puffs and Grip Me Baby Biscuits make it easier for little ones to hold and are a perfect size for a good grip. The Pick Me Melty Hoops encourage fine motor skills and come in a sturdy container which is good for on the go snacks.

Weaning with Ella’s Kitchen makes my life a lot easier because I know that their food is “as good as homemade”.

  • They don’t add extra salt or sugars
  • They don’t use additives, or bulk up products with added water
  • They only use organic ingredients. We don’t use Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients
  • They use fruit and vegetable purees, avoiding concentrates

Ella’s Kitchen says “Our mission is to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime by offering a range of tasty, natural and healthy 100% organic foods for babies and kids, which are handy for mums + dads and fun for little ones.”

Weaning with Ella’s Kitchen makes motherhood just that bit easier and you can find their products at the Ellas Kitchen online shop and at leading retailers such as Waitrose. You can also find useful weaning tips, recipes and activities online Weaning with Ella’s Kitchen.


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8 Perfect Gifts For Father’s Day 2015


Gifts For Father’s Day 2015The Glam Mummy Edit - 15.6

ORLEBAR BROWN Mid-length Printed Swim Shorts £225 // THOM BROWNE Tortoise Shell Sunglasses £340 // THOM BROWNE Floral-Print Washed Shell Swim Shorts £210 // CUTLER AND GROSS Tortoise Shell Glasses £295

The Glam Mummy Edit - 15.6.15 - 2

DUNHILL Bourdon Leather-Bound Backgammon Set £1,000 // B&O PLAY 3i In-Ear Headphones £140 // B&O PLAY Beolit 12 AirPlay Wireless Speaker £340 //CZECH & SPEAKE Leather-Bound Manicure Set £348

Here is my list of 8 Perfect Gifts For Father’s Day 2015. Stuck with what to get your husband/father for Father’s Day this year? Look no further than The Glam Mummy Edit of Mr Porter for some ideas of gifts for the guy who has everything.

From trendy swim shorts to tortoise-shell glasses and a few lifestyle-type gifts for the guys who loves his music, grooming and good old-fashioned Backgammon.


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Gro-Clock Review | How To Sleep Train A Young Child

The Glam Mummy“Muuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm! Daaaaaaaaaaaaad!” Two words that fill you with pride, endless love and a warm, fuzzy feeling. But NOT when your toddler bellows them out at 4am in the morning. Which is why you should try the Gro-Clock as a sleep training aid.

Sleep training a toddler is a pain in the you-know-what and is a topic I am often asked about. A young child will find it hard to settle at bedtime or wake up through the night for a whole host of reasons. We are VERY lucky because Bug, who is nearly three, has always been an excellent sleeper. She actually tells us that she wants to go to bed and I often have to coax her out of bed in the mornings (don’t hate me!). But, we have had a few occasions when she has climbed out of bed and cried her eyes out or shouted for us.

Looking back, the most recent incident was when the hubs and I took a parents only trip to Tuscany. When we returned, her sleep patterns were out of whack and I think it had to do with her being old enough to miss us and to feel a tad insecure about it. Some gentle reassurance and a night-light sorted her out in no time.

But I wish I had known about the Gro-Clock back then because I am pretty sure it would have helped her. Especially now that we have introduced it to her bedtime routine and she loves to watch the sun give her a wink and go to bed each evening.

Gro Clock TGM

How the Gro-Clock works

The Gro-Clock is a sleep training aid that you plug in to the mains and sit the device on your child’s bedside table or somewhere they can see it. Before you introduce it to your child you will need to read the instructions to set it up with the time and your child’s sleep time – the time they go to bed and the time they wake up.

To help introduce the Gro-Clock to your child, there is a bed time book called Sleepy Farm, which talks them through the sun and the stars and when to sleep. Each evening, at a given time, the sun will give a quick wink and fade away and the star will come out and fall asleep indicating it is now sleep time.

Through the night the tiny stars surrounding the big star will fade away, one by one, counting down to morning time. If your child wakes up during the night, they will see that the star is still asleep and they should stay in bed until the sun is up. The first few nights you would need to encourage the child to check the Gro-Clock and reinforce to them that the stars are still out and pretty soon they will be able to do it themselves and go back to sleep.

Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM Gro Clock TGM

Bug is so taken by the Gro-Clock that she has actually figured out how to put the sun to bed herself (can you actually cope!?!). So she will bid the sun “goodnight” when she has her afternoon nap and get him back up again when she rises. This child is something else…

I think parents will find the Gro-Clock especially useful in summer when the real sun sets very late and rises very early. You can buy the Gro-Clock at John Lewis, the Gro Store and other online retailers.


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Little Bu Nail Polish | All You Need for a Mini Mani

Little Bu Nail Polish TGM

At two and 3/4 my little Bug is a girl who loves a Little Bu manicure. Throw in some nail art and she it the happiest tot until the next scheduled tantrum.

We all know how little girls mimic their mums and will dig into your make up bag as soon as your head is turned. Never mind the damage that could be done to my latest Chanel lipstick, but my heart flips when I think about the damage that could be done with my latest Chanel lipstick. Which is why my nail polishes are now stored in dark nooks at the back of a bathroom cupboard where they are often forgotten until the pass their sell by date.

Despite my nail kit being hidden away, Bug is a little lady who likes her nails painted and decorated. She has her own nail kit which consists of Little Bu nail polishes and nail stickers. We have a rule where she will get a mani done by mummy if she lets me cut her nails. This has made the nail trimming business a breeze and she is often the one reminding me to cut her nails.

Little Bu Nail Polish TGM Little Bu Nail Polish TGM Little Bu Nail Polish TGM

Once her nails are trimmed, she pulls our her Little Bu nail polishes and off we go on a colourful session of nail painting. We alternate colours or layer them up to create our own colours. We also see how many Little Bu nail stickers we can get on one of her tiny nails.

Little Bu Nail Polish TGM Little Bu Nail Polish TGM Little Bu Nail Polish TGM

Sometimes she convinces someone (like her Grandpa) to sit for a Bug-led manicure which is as creative as it is messy. But hey-ho, at least she’s not paining my nails.

Little Bu Nail Polish TGM Little Bu Nail Polish TGM

Little Bu nail polishes a fantastic for little tots because they either wash off or peel off, and they are non-toxic. They are not tested on animals, are odourless and have no nasties.

What I just love about the Little Bu nail polishes is that each colour has a little girl’s name… Such as Stella, Savannah, Ava and Charlotte.

Little Bu TGM

You can find Little Bu Nail Polish and Nail Art at or at Harrods/Selfridges.


** Nail polishes and stickers were gifted by Little Bu (thanks!). Words and opinions are my own.

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Polo In The Park With Kids | Family Day Out

Polo in the Park with Kids

Chesterton’s Polo In The Park is not just a day out for glam lads and ladies, there is plenty to do for kids too.

Just a hop, skip and a strut from my house in Parsons Green, the annual Polo In The Park at Hurlingham is a summer event on the glam Londoner’s calendar. Ladies are dressed in dresses and wedges, sip champagne whilst horses and polo players go whizzing past. A lifetime ago I was one of those ladies but once my kids arrived it no longer seemed feasible to cart them along to such an event. Well, I was wrong! Polo in the Park caters for families too with a host activities for little people.

Polo in the Park with Kids

Caught this little guys swiping some treats… Sharky & George had a host of tricks (see the water balloons) up their sleeves!

Polo in the Park with Kids

Horse Space Hoppers – genius!

Polo in the Park with Kids

Much needed refreshments in the Eddie Catz/Original Travel “Little Hooves Club” … Bug trying to decide what to do next.

Polo in the Park with Kids Polo in the Park with Kids Polo in the Park with Kids

This year Sharky and George, Eddie Catz and Original Travel teamed up and delivered something that was spectacular. I took my family to Polo in the Park on Sunday and the first thing Bug darted off to was the Sharky & George “Pitch Invasion”. The polo field was a kid’s paradise with huge inflatable slides, water balloon catapults and horse-style space hoppers for a mini polo match. There was also a tug-o-war between two teams called the Flames and the Mashed Potatoes.

Unfortunately Bug was too young to partake in the Pitch Invasion so we headed to the Eddie Catz area which had Bug-sized jumping castles, free popcorn and a drink, as well as a chill out zone with water for the parents, courtesy of Original Travel (thanks guys!).

After just an hour of buzzing around the kids areas, I was knackered, as were my wedge-wearing feet, so we had a bite to eat and ordered a necessary bottle of rosé. Bug made best friends with a lady named Anne, who was sitting pitch-side to the polo, and the two of them cheered on the London team. Sadly we didn’t last long enough for me to cheer for my new friend Seb (Sebastian Dawnay) in the Dublin team and had to head home (after taking a quick look at the lovely stalls of course!).

I would highly recommend this as a day out for families primarily because there is so much to do for kids and parents. It is a really festive occasion, with families, glam ladies and the occasional pooch. And big thumbs up for the Lanson champagne bar!

See you next year at Polo in the Park!


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